Petition Asks For a Minimum 1 Mile Separation Between Industrial Wind Turbines, and Homes

Petition stipulates minimum distance to windmills

28-08-2014 22:01

A petition on the internet working for a minimum distance of one mile between new windmills and buildings.


The motivation: “We ask for respect between wind turbines and places where people live and / or work a minimum distance of 1,500 meters.  We are not against green energy in itself, but each technology has its own place and this must not be at the expense the quality of life of local residents. “

The initiative was taken by Annemarie Francois (Oud-Heverlee) with from the first day also signatories Outgaarden. The list is submitted to the Flemish government.

See the text.

On the proposed by Storm Elicio windmills in Overlaar, Hoksem, Outgaarden.

Raymond Buttocks

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