Wind Project Gets Go-Ahead….In Spite of Objections….

Province gives greenlight to wind farm Niagara region Wind Corp’s turbines to be largest in North America

Credit:  Grimsby Lincoln News | November 06, 2014

The Province has given the go ahead for a 77-turbine wind energy project in Niagara and Haldimand.

The Ministry of the Environment has issued a Renewable Energy Approval to Niagara Region Wind Corporation to construct a wind farm within the Townships of West Lincoln and Wainfleet, and the Town of Lincoln in the Region of Niagara and Haldimand County.

The facility is known as the Niagara Region Wind Farm.

As a result of comments received by the municipality and local residents a condition of the approval requires Niagara Region Wind Corporation to:

•   not construct or operate more than seventy-seven out of the eighty wind turbine generators identified in the approval

•   comply with the ministry’s noise emission limits at all times

•   carry out an acoustic emission audit of the sound levels produced by the operation of the equipment at five receptors

•   carry out an acoustic emission audit of the acoustic emissions produced by the operation of two of the wind turbine generators

•   manage stormwater, and control sediment and erosion during and post construction

•   develop and implement a pre- and post-construction ground water monitoring program

•   carry out specific items if foundation dewatering or water takings by tanker exceed 50,000 L/day

•   apply the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Operational Statement, if during construction, waterbodies that were previously not identified are discovered

•   design, construct and operate a spill containment facility for each of the Transformer Substations

•   implement the pre and post construction Natural Heritage monitoring program, which includes bird and bat monitoring

•   undertake the supplementary monitoring program discussed with Environment Canada and determine next steps as part of the program including the implementation of mitigation measures in response to any potential unanticipated adverse effects

•   ensure that activities requiring authorizations under the Endangered Species Act are not commenced until authorizations are in place

•   create a Community Liaison Committee with members of the public and applicant

•   undertake ongoing Aboriginal consultation and fulfill all commitments made by it

•   prepare a Traffic Management Plan to be provided to the upper and lower tier municipalities, and

•   notify the ministry of complaints received alleging adverse effect caused by the construction, installation, operation, use or retirement of the facility.

 A release by the Province stated that Ontario’s Renewable Energy Approval process ensures that extensive municipal, Aboriginal and public consultation takes place. All comments the ministry received regarding the project were carefully considered before a decision was made to approve this project. The approval notice is posted on the Environmental Registry and a link can be found here:

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