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Hi Everyone!

If you are anything like me, the most important job you have, is raising, and protecting, your children.  It is the most important job we will ever have, and it is the main reason, that we work as hard at our “other” jobs, as we do.  I know first-hand, the devastation, and horror, that comes along with being “unable” to do the most important job, you will ever have.

When my daughter was 15 years old, after having pain in her hip for several weeks, I took her to get an x-ray, to find out the cause.  She was quickly diagnosed with having cancer.  Ewings Sarcoma, a particularly devastating form of childhood cancer.  Together, my daughter and I fought valiantly against the disease, and it’s trials and tribulations.  It was a living nightmare, and it still pains me deeply, to think of the bad times.  After 14 months of fighting for her life, my daughter passed away, and my life was shattered.  I had been a single mom, and we had very close relationship.  I couldn’t imagine how I was going to survive in this world, without her.

Within hours of my daughter’s passing, my mother brought me home to her house.  On the way in, she introduced me to her next-door neighbour, who expressed sincere sympathy, and offered any assistance that he could.  There was no consoling me.  I was a wreck.

During the following year, I struggled to “find” myself, in my new life.  No longer being a “mom”, was leaving a void that seemed impossible to fill.  I was able to sit and chat with people again, but there was no joy, about anything, anymore.  The one constant in my life, was my mom, and believe it or not, her neighbour, who would just come over after he got home from work, and sit and drink tea with us, and listen to me tearfully, “reminisce”.  When I think back,  I wonder why he put himself through all that!   Eventually, after many, many, months, of talking, this wonderful man, asked me to go to an antique show with him.  He knew that I loved antiques.  I agreed, thinking of it as nothing more than a friendly gesture.  After going to a couple more “events” with Joe, he asked me if I would consider, being in a relationship with him.  I was shocked, but also charmed, by this sweet, kind, man.  I said yes.

The rest, as they say, is history!  That was over 15 years ago.  Joe and I are now married, and have a 12 year old son, who was God’s most wonderful gift to us.  We cherish our son, who is once again, my only child.  We moved to the country, in order to give our son the best possible opportunity for a quiet, stable, home and environment, free from the noise, crime, and pollution in the city.  At a very young age, our son was diagnosed with ADHD and severe sensory processing issues.  The sound of ripping velchro, would send a pain shooting up the back of his head.  He was very sensitive to “background” noise, and very easily distracted by it.  It had become a huge problem in school, and they recommended that Joey get tested, to see what could be done.  Joey is under the care, of a wonderful specialist, who has been treating him for over 7 years now.  Dr. Calvert has been doing an excellent job, at keeping Joey stabilized, through meds. and various types of therapy and counselling.  Joey’s school also has a “quiet room”, where Joey can go, when the noise is too much for him, to be able to function properly.  As his mom, I feel it is my duty to advocate for my son, so when I found out that they were proposing to fill our community, with huge, 3MW, industrial wind turbines, I immediately started to research the subject, and was horrified to find out what was going on, behind the scenes.

I started my journey, by speaking with the council, in our municipality, only to find that the Liberal gov’t had enacted the “green energy act”, which had effectively destroyed the democratic process, as we knew it.  I was horrified.  I contacted the local “wind action group”, and began to fight this travesty, in earnest.  There is nothing, that I will not do, in order to protect my son.  I found that I needed to narrow in the scope of my fight, to mainly concentrate on children’s health, so I, along with a few other mom’s in my community, started the “Mother’s Against Wind Turbines” group.  I was able to speak with Joey’s Dr. about the subject.  I had also provided his specialist, with many, many, studies and articles by professionals, about the noise and infrasound from wind turbines.  I wanted Joey’s Dr., to be able to make an educated decision, about the effect the wind turbines, would have on my child.  Dr. Calvert wrote a letter on behalf of my son, which I have since used to make all of the politicians, and wind industry people aware, of the harm they will cause my son, if they surround our home, with these industrial wind turbines.

Until I have succeeded in getting protection, for the most vulnerable in our population, I will not stop this battle!  I have met personally with all of our local politicians, our Regional politicians, and all of our provincial leaders.  I want to make sure that I can prove, that they knew, what they were going to do to my son, before hand, so that in a court of law, they couldn’t say, “I didn’t know!”  I have done the same with the wind company “execs.”  Even sent a “registered” letter, for added proof.  It was a good thing that I did, because they later tried to claim, “that they had lost it”…he he!  Nice try!  Never trust a windpusher!

I am happy to offer any kind of information, or assistance, to other moms and dads, who find themselves, in the unfortunate position, of having to protect your own family, from this travesty.  Whatever doesn’t kill us…..had better run like hell!!!  LOL!  We now have members, and supporters, from all over Ontario, Canada, and many other countries, that are fighting the same battle against the corrupt wind industry, that we are.   Our numbers are growing daily, and our determination, will not waver!  Be part of the solution!



13 thoughts on “About Shellie Correia

  1. Dear Shellie, oh my word- you have been through so much. I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, that is truly awful, I can’t imagine how any mum could have coped with that. I’m so glad that you have a lovely family now and it is so good that have found your calling in the wind turbine cause at least. Best wishes xx

  2. I was reading my horoscope the other day and it said I would find a new source of wisdom and it would inspire me to make a great change and oh my gosh it was right! I love your website, my son is three and will soon be entring school and I’m worried about all the evolution and climmate change nonesense they’ll be filling his brain with. I want to become an active person against these things. I recently realised that its people like us that make the voice heard against things like climate change and I’m going to act on my horoscope (I’m a scorpio) and save the world for my son. Thanks for your inspiration!

    • That is AWESOME Charlene….and guess what? I am also a Scorpio….born on Hallowe’en! We have to stick together! (our kids depend on us)! We will fight this scam!

  3. What should a person do when their neighbor John Lantz whom owns a wind turbine company [Eight Bar Brand, Wind Energy Consultant] keeps putting up more and more wind turbines right on my property line? We all suffer with headaches and insomnia, and depression?. We can’t hear much except the turning whosh-whosh of the turbine blade turning 24 hours a day. We are surrounded he owns property all around the hills were we live. “It feels so overwhelming and hopeless it will never end”.


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  5. Dear Sheila ,
    So sorry about your little Angel’s passing and I am here on your
    page fighting the same war , please keep it going strong we are all
    here for you in the same battle letting the world know on just how rotten
    the wind Industry is should you need anything kindly just email me at
    marie4g@gmail.com or at sunny717@facebook.com we will win this war together- I will be praying for little Joey” God Bless You Shela and Joey.
    Maria Ortiz.

  6. I think it might be interesting for you regarding the subject of infrasound. There two documentary movies about strange case in Kazakhstan.

    The first one is called “Sleepy Hollow, Kazakhstan” and the second one is “Back to Sleepy Hollow, Kazakhstan”.

    You can find them online at RTD here:


    A little bit later after movies release some experts figured out the real cause of sleeping disease in the village. It was figured out that “It is shown, that in Kazakhstan the “sleeping sickness” of villagers Kalachi and Krasnogorsk is a consequence of the impact on the residents of infrasound radiation from a vertical mine shafts, pit and borehole, which filled with gravel.”

    Details on infrasound ethiology of the sleeping disease you can find here(in rus):
    DIRECT LINK TO PDF: nyos(dot)lv/f/uploads/Kalachi.pdf


  7. Hello Shellie (and Joe) ;

    I must say first that I am so sorry that you lost your daughter and that she lost her life in such a terrible way. I have been up thru several windmill hell allies and I have seen and heard what you guys are worried about. I am just a fellow pilgrim but when I heard your story I wanted to share my perspective with you.

    Since I had a life changing event back in the mid-nineties I see everything so differently. A new level of discernment occurred in my life. I would be happy to emailing privately with you and or Joe to compare our notes/perspectives on the globalist macro management Organizations and Structures which of course include the Earth Summit Agenda 21 and now the 2030 Plan and beyond programs that are currently fully organized and fully funded and in full force.

    What most people in CANADA and Ontario and even our individual Counties and Townships are almost completely UNAWARE OF, is that there are very strategically placed organizations and individuals with Agenda 21 plans backed by globalists who are not much more than GREEDY SELFISH EUGENICISTS, in every one of our Southwest Ontario Municipalities RIGHT NOW.

    Even though I actually grew up old order Mennonite, my exposure to the whole real world in the early nineties was so shocking to my senses and my mind and my heart that I began seeking the truth about matters from BOTH a macro perspective and a micro perspective. In early 2000 I was employed by a global security corporation right in my hometown area ALL my macro perspectives and micro (grassroots) perspectives shockingly became completely linked together in reality. From 2006 to 2010 my work caused me to travel to most all of the cities of Canada and all areas of the USA as well right from coast to coast. These years on the road made my previous revelations even more secure and true than before. My life’s circumstances caused me to enter semi-retirement in 2010 but the truth has never been more clear, we the people are in REALLY BIG TROUBLE and in Canada most people do not even know how and why!

    So of course we live in an ass-backwards world where the truth is that the more that is poured into alternative energy such as solar and wind, the more our hydro bills and other energy costs go up…of course it is NOT by coincidence…it is by design!

    I would enjoy chatting more by private email or by phone IF you and or Joe would like…

    Best Regards;

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