Brits Belted: Renewables Deliver Wholesale Energy Poverty – Poorest Families Left Power-less


RE zealots reckon that an uptick in the number of frozen grannies is a small price to pay for our ‘inevitable’ wind and solar powered future.

As Brits brace for another frigid winter, spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands who – thanks to rocketing power prices driven by Britain’s renewables obsession – will be lucky to make spring.

The elderly, frail and infirm suffer from the cold and, now that power is out of their reach, face a mortal threat every time the mercury plummets.

Dr John Constable digs into the data to show the growing scale of Britain’s self-inflicted energy disaster.

Fuel Poverty and Electricity Policy Costs
Global Warming Policy Forum
John Constable
22 April 2019

Electricity demand in the United Kingdom has been falling for about fifteen years, with consumption in 2017 at levels last seen in the 1980s.

Figure 1: Electricity Supplied in the United…

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