Crunch Time: Australia’s Renewable Energy Rent-Seekers Suicidal After Coalition Victory



The ‘shock’ Federal election result has left RE energy rent seekers reeling. What was meant to be a Green/Labor landslide – with the promise that subsidies to wind and solar would double and be extended until kingdom come – returned not only the Liberal/National Coalition to power, but left the Energy Minister, Angus Taylor firmly in place.

If Australia has any hope of restoring reliable and affordable power to all comers, it’s down to Taylor.

STT hears that Taylor’s ‘retailer reliability obligation’ (RO) (which kicks into operation on 1 July) has wind and large-scale solar ‘industries’ up in arms. The RO was at the heart of the original National Energy Guarantee – as explained here: PM’s Reliable Power Play Spells Disaster for Unreliable & Intermittent Wind Power

In short, the RO means that, for every MW a retailer has promised to sell its customers, it will need to have…

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