Visiting With Prime Minister Harper…

Another step forward, in my fight to protect our children….

Meeting with the Prime Minister, was a very exciting experience.  In person, you see the true warmth and caring, in his personality.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, and is very easy to speak with!   Now that we have met, I can begin the process, of sharing my information, and seeking his assistance!  The Provincial Liberals have not made any avenues available, to protect our children, or citizens of any age, from wind turbines being placed too close to their homes, and in fact, are denying the negative effects, their wind projects are having on people.  We need to look for help, Federally, because this is indeed, a health issue.  One more step forward!   Shellie Correia

Meeting with the Prime Minister...

Meeting with the Prime Minister…


For All the People Who Have Asked or Wondered about the “Copycat” website….

There are 2 people that resigned from my Mothers Against Wind Turbines group, who are trying to run their own group, and are using my name. I am delighted that they are starting their own group, but disgusted, that they are trying to steal my name.  My trademarked name.  It is the name I came up with, while looking for a way to protect my son, as well as help other families protect their children.  My story is on my blog, but surprisingly enough, they have put it on their website, and refuse to remove it, even though I have asked them repeatedly, to do so.  I want everyone to know, I do NOT endorse what these people are doing, I have no involvement with these people, and I am working toward resolving this issue.

I want to thank everyone who has been patient while this mess gets straightened out.          Shellie Correia

The Original Mother Against Wind Turbines


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It has been brought to my attention, that the people using my name, Mothers Against Wind Turbines, with inc stuck at the end of it, are soliciting the people of West Lincoln, for money.  These are the same individuals that resigned, and then snuck around, behind my back, and took all of the money out of my MAWT account.  Thousands of dollars that had been earned by myself, and some supporters from the community.  They had NO right to do this.  I would highly recommend that any donations toward the wind fight go directly to:     Thank you,   Shellie Correia

PSST! Want to Wreck Your Economy? Just Add Heavily Subsidised & Chaotically Intermittent Wind Power


You can wreck a first world economy in a heartbeat by relying on heavily subsidised and chaotically delivered wind and solar power.

Australia is well on the way to doing just that, and South Australia managed to destroy all vestige of private enterprise (we don’t count Commonwealth defence contracts, State make-work construction schemes and otherwise sucking on the taxpayer’s teat) in less than 15 years.

The chaos delivered by wind (see above) and solar has been met with plenty of talk about mega-batteries and pumped hydro. But that kind of talk don’t come cheap. SA’s Premier stumped up $150m of taxpayer’s money for a 100 MW battery that could power his little backwater for all of 4 minutes.

Then there’s the fevered talk about Snowy 2.0. Likely to cost around $10 billion and take a generation to build, with AGL getting back into coal, rather than out of…

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Long Way to Run: Fossil Fuel Powers the World Now & For Generations to Come


The Way We Were: Weather dependent & pitifully poor.

The zealots that pump up the future for wind and solar power are programed to ignore the present and bound to ignore the past.

For a few centuries in human history, windmills were the only game in town.

Then, in the 18th Century, the captains of British scientific and engineering endeavour harnessed thermal power, the Industrial Revolution followed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Except that a deluded band of halfwits are determined to take us back to an age the developed world was happy to see the back of. One entirely dependent upon the weather.

Among their more fanciful claims, wind and sun worshippers assert that nature’s wonder fuels are already making an outstanding contribution to satisfying the world’s energy demands; and go further by gushing that a world run entirely on sunshine and breezes is not only…

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‘Green’ Energy Fail: How Ideology Destroyed Australia’s Once Cheap & Reliable Power Supply


Wrecking a power market and a power grid is a piece of cake: just add massively subsidised, unreliable and intermittent wind and solar.

Ontario, Denmark and Germany provide pertinent examples.

But there’s none better than Australia, particularly because it’s blessed with abundant coal, gas and uranium reserves, the envy of the World.

Hijacked by renewables rent-seekers and infiltrated by eco-zealots, all levels of Australian government are complicit in its power pricing and supply calamity.

Under the guise of saving the country from so-called ‘climate change’ (which was previously known as ‘global warming’, until the evidence ceased to support that little theory), Federal and State governments have all created Soviet-era quotas, mandates and targets. The Federal government fuelled the fire by guaranteeing $60 billion worth of subsidies to wind and large-scale solar under its Large-Scale RET; the cost of which is all borne by Australian power consumers.

That subsidised…

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Ontario: Water, Water Everywhere – But Thanks to Wind Turbines – Not A Drop to Drink


Wind farm neighbour, Dave Lusk with filthy water
drawn from his Wallaceburg well.

Wind farm neighbours are forced to endure all manner of wholly unnecessary suffering. Incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound drives them nuts at nighttime or, in plenty of cases, out of their homes, altogether.

In Ontario, around the shores of the Great Lakes, the latest outrage involves wind power outfits destroying local underground water supplies (upon which farmers and householders critically depend) and lying to their victims about the obvious cause.

Wind energy may be green, but the water in Chatham-Kent is brown
Mary Baxter
12 February 2018

Every morning since he lost the use of his well, Dave Lusk wakes up and tries not to let the anger seep in. But when he makes a trip from the water cooler in the kitchen and back to his bathroom vanity to wash up, it’s…

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Victims Vindicated: Wind Turbine Noise Exposure Proven ‘Pathway to Disease’


Last December, Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) held that “noise annoyance” caused by wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound “is a plausible pathway to disease”, based on the “established association between noise annoyance and some diseases, including hypertension and cardiovascular disease, possibly mediated in part by disturbed sleep and/or psychological stress/distress.”

The AAT also slammed wind turbine noise standards as irrelevant and, therefore, totally unfit for purpose: Australian Court Finds Wind Turbine Noise Exposure a ‘Pathway to Disease’: Waubra Foundation Vindicated

If the case had exonerated wind turbine noise, no doubt, such a story would have been splashed across the front pages of the Fairfax press, and trumpeted long and loud by wind cult central, the ABC.

Instead, The Australian’s Graham Lloyd gave it fleeting coverage but, otherwise, there was complete ‘radio’ silence.

Students of the dark arts well-know that peddling a narrative is as much about what never gets…

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SA Premier Promises to Double Power Prices & Destroy Grid: 75% RET = 100% Lunacy


Here’s one Jay prepared earlier: Adelaide 28.9.16

Looking for an example of how to destroy an economy? Look no further than wind ‘powered’ South Australia.

Where Australia’s other capital cities are growing so fast that they look like bursting, Adelaide’s population is shrinking; the best and brightest exit as fast their Commodores can carry them, leaving an ageing population and a growing rump of the terminally unemployed.

The industries that once employed blue-collar workers have already been destroyed – car maker Holden, among them – by stifling, neo-Marxist regulation and rocketing input costs. The most critical of those input costs to the industries and businesses that produce stuff is energy.

Thanks to an obsession with sunbeams and breezes, SA’s embattled employers pay the highest power prices in the world.

As an article of faith, the wind cult keep promising that the addition of more windmills, solar panels and…

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Business Becalmed: Australia’s Wind ‘Powered’ States Paying Businesses Tens of $Millions to Shut Down When the Wind Stops Blowing


The self-inflicted renewable energy chaos playing out in South Australia and neighbouring Victoria is as costly as it is insane.

Both states are headed up by neo-Marxists; and both states have energy policies designed by lunatics.

Rocketing retail power prices (SA’s are already the highest in the world, with worse to come), routine load shedding and mass blackouts are now par for the course.

It’s power consumers, both households and businesses, that bear the brunt of a runaway, ideological crusade.

When wind power output inevitably collapses during warm weather (which coincides with high demand) Australia’s grid manager, AEMO has taken to ordering energy hungry businesses to shut down, to prevent yet another mass blackout. Hospitals, too, are being buffeted by the winds of change; what zealots refer to as the ‘inevitable transition’ to nature’s wonder fuels, sunshine and breezes.

On just two recent occasions, these Soviet-era dictates delivered shutdown ‘bonuses’…

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