Visiting With Prime Minister Harper…

Another step forward, in my fight to protect our children….

Meeting with the Prime Minister, was a very exciting experience.  In person, you see the true warmth and caring, in his personality.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, and is very easy to speak with!   Now that we have met, I can begin the process, of sharing my information, and seeking his assistance!  The Provincial Liberals have not made any avenues available, to protect our children, or citizens of any age, from wind turbines being placed too close to their homes, and in fact, are denying the negative effects, their wind projects are having on people.  We need to look for help, Federally, because this is indeed, a health issue.  One more step forward!   Shellie Correia

Meeting with the Prime Minister...

Meeting with the Prime Minister…

For All the People Who Have Asked or Wondered about the “Copycat” website….

There are 2 people that resigned from my Mothers Against Wind Turbines group, who are trying to run their own group, and are using my name. I am delighted that they are starting their own group, but disgusted, that they are trying to steal my name.  My trademarked name.  It is the name I came up with, while looking for a way to protect my son, as well as help other families protect their children.  My story is on my blog, but surprisingly enough, they have put it on their website, and refuse to remove it, even though I have asked them repeatedly, to do so.  I want everyone to know, I do NOT endorse what these people are doing, I have no involvement with these people, and I am working toward resolving this issue.

I want to thank everyone who has been patient while this mess gets straightened out.          Shellie Correia

The Original Mother Against Wind Turbines


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It has been brought to my attention, that the people using my name, Mothers Against Wind Turbines, with inc stuck at the end of it, are soliciting the people of West Lincoln, for money.  These are the same individuals that resigned, and then snuck around, behind my back, and took all of the money out of my MAWT account.  Thousands of dollars that had been earned by myself, and some supporters from the community.  They had NO right to do this.  I would highly recommend that any donations toward the wind fight go directly to:     Thank you,   Shellie Correia

Wales Erupts in Wild Protests Against Outrageous 800 Turbine Wind Farm


Nothing generates more hatred and bitter community division than a wind farm.

And when what’s proposed is 800 of these things: 290 tonne, 165m tall, bat-chomping, bird slicing, blade-chuckingpyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices – speared all over the bucolic Welsh countryside it’s little wonder that locals have erupted in fury – a taste of which appears in the video above.

What’s added even more fuel to the fire is that fact that the Hendy proposal was thought to be dead and buried. But, like Vampires without heart-piercing stakes, wind weasels have a habit of returning to torment their victims; provided that there’s slops still swilling in the subsidy trough, that is.

There’s a meeting coming up on 27 April in Powy, when locals are set to turn the place upside down (the angry mob in the video were just the warm-up act, we’re told), not least because they…

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Australian Soldiers’ Sacred Resting Place Wins Reprieve: French Wind Farm Plan Scrapped for Villers-Brettoneux

French honor the memory of fallen soldiers, and refuse the bid for a wind turbine project, near the memorial commemorating Australian soldiers from WWI!


13thBattalionAIF_Le_Verguier AIF, Le Verguier, France: a soldier’s well dug trench, often became his final place of rest; and to Australians, our most hallowed ground.


25 April is Anzac Day, a day which looms large in Australia’s history, and collective consciousness, marking the beginning of Australia’s bloody entry to the War to end all Wars, on the beaches of Gallipoli, on that day in 1915.

Not so much a celebration, as a reflection on the honour, courage and spirit of Australia’s fighting men and women, Anzac Day causes even the hardest heart to melt in awe at the extreme sacrifice offered, and made, by the finest young men this country had to offer.

Consider a country, remote from the rest of the world, barely a “Nation”, with a little over 4 million people, largely clinging to the south-eastern cities and coasts of its wide brown land, that saw some 420,000…

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First Strike: Communities Threatened by Wind Farms Gathering Own Noise Data to Later Sue Turbine Hosts & Developers in Nuisance

Wind Turbine Victims are NOT Backing Down!


Over the last few weeks there has been an uptick in chatter about long dormant wind farm projects being resurrected, which has more to do with anxious developers hoping to offload their projects than any kind of renewed confidence in Australia’s precarious renewable energy policies.

In the main, this rush of panicked activity is about wind power outfits keen to get their projects up to the point of obtaining a development approval in order to flog them off to greater fools (principally Chinese investors) who, the vendors hope, are ready to bet their shirts on the survival of the Federal government’s completely unsustainable Large-Scale RET.

We’ll start with a couple of examples from South Australia, the first piece relates to a community disaster proposed for the rolling hills north of the iconic Barossa Valley and the second to the Beetaloo Valley, to the south-west of Laura. In both places the…

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People Power-Up: Kenyan Government Shuts Down Wind Power Outfit’s Illegal Land Grab

“Windweasels are Trouble”, wherever they go!~


Stealing land is, apparently, seen as good business practice by the wind industry; wherever it goes, Africa no exception.

In Africa it’s able to profit from long-held animosity between tribes and racial groups, exploiting old rivalries in its quest to wrest control over the land its needs to spear these things all over African soil.  However, the wind industry’s treatment of indigenous people isn’t really discriminatory: they treat everybody that stands in their way with the same high-handed contempt.

Riding roughshod over rural communities wherever it goes, the wind industry has become the natural enemy of farmers the world over. But, in Kenya at least they’re determined not to lose their only asset to the great wind power fraud.

Kenya: KenGen Suspends Sh6.9b Wind Power Project in Meru Over Land Row
Daily Nation
Agnes Aboo
5 April 2017

Power generating firm KenGen has suspended the construction of a 400-megawatt…

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Call for Trump to dump the Paris climate deal

Brilliant Idea!

Roger Helmer MEP


I have joined 19 other members of the European Parliament from six EU member-states to write an open letter, (see below), to President Donald J. Trump calling for early implementation of his campaign pledge to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Treaty.

In the letter, we say that a US withdrawal from the Paris accord “would effectively neuter it, to the benefit of us all.”

We applaud the new and more positive approach which President Trump is taking to climate and energy issues and we are pressing for similar policies on this (European) side of the Atlantic.

The letter also raises concerns about the EPA’s “endangerment” finding with regard to CO2, and urges the President to revisit the issue.  We argue that the finding has no sound basis in science, but provides a pretext for damaging and extreme environmental policies.

It is clear that the EU’s…

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UK Government Conceals Staggering Cost of Wind Power Subsidies

Without enormous subsidies, the windscam would already be over!


As STT keeps pointing out, it is the staggering cost of subsidising intermittent and unreliable wind power (for which there is no market in the absence of Soviet era mandates) that ultimately destroys the wind industry.

Quite apparently aware of that fact, the UK government has sought to keep the lid on the figures which would allow power punters and the voting public to reach the inevitable conclusion. Here’s John Constable from the Global Warming Policy Foundation seeking to lift the lid on the horrifying numbers.

Is the UK Government Concealing ‘Very High’ Renewables System Cost Estimates?GWPF
Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor
27 March 2017

After an unexplained delay of a year since completion the UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published (24.03.17) a report by Frontier Economics on the total system costs of uncontrollably variable renewable generators, a topic of crucial importance in…

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Victory in Vermont: Community Defenders Crush Wind Power Outfit’s Plan to Destroy Pristine Mountain Range


Annette Smith savours the coolest of her many successes.


STT has covered the fight by Vermonters to save their pristine Green Mountains from the scourge of industrial wind turbines, many times.

In this post we share in their delight, as they celebrate their successful battle to save the Herrick Mountain range in Ira and Poultney, next to Birdseye Mountain from 60 of these things – aka 160m high, 290 tonne, subsidy-sucking bird and bat killers.

Thanks to the organized efforts of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, headed by Annette Smith (above) and Justin Lindholm, the mountains in the background are now and forever a state wildlife management area, instead of an industrial wind power factory.

Mountains, wildlife took precedence over 60 windmills
Rutland Herald
Jensen Afield
8 April 2017

The best advice: “Do not burn yourself out. Be as I am— a reluctant enthusiast … a part time…

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