Visiting With Prime Minister Harper…

Another step forward, in my fight to protect our children….

Meeting with the Prime Minister, was a very exciting experience.  In person, you see the true warmth and caring, in his personality.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, and is very easy to speak with!   Now that we have met, I can begin the process, of sharing my information, and seeking his assistance!  The Provincial Liberals have not made any avenues available, to protect our children, or citizens of any age, from wind turbines being placed too close to their homes, and in fact, are denying the negative effects, their wind projects are having on people.  We need to look for help, Federally, because this is indeed, a health issue.  One more step forward!   Shellie Correia

Meeting with the Prime Minister...

Meeting with the Prime Minister…


For All the People Who Have Asked or Wondered about the “Copycat” website….

There are 2 people that resigned from my Mothers Against Wind Turbines group, who are trying to run their own group, and are using my name. I am delighted that they are starting their own group, but disgusted, that they are trying to steal my name.  My trademarked name.  It is the name I came up with, while looking for a way to protect my son, as well as help other families protect their children.  My story is on my blog, but surprisingly enough, they have put it on their website, and refuse to remove it, even though I have asked them repeatedly, to do so.  I want everyone to know, I do NOT endorse what these people are doing, I have no involvement with these people, and I am working toward resolving this issue.

I want to thank everyone who has been patient while this mess gets straightened out.          Shellie Correia

The Original Mother Against Wind Turbines


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It has been brought to my attention, that the people using my name, Mothers Against Wind Turbines, with inc stuck at the end of it, are soliciting the people of West Lincoln, for money.  These are the same individuals that resigned, and then snuck around, behind my back, and took all of the money out of my MAWT account.  Thousands of dollars that had been earned by myself, and some supporters from the community.  They had NO right to do this.  I would highly recommend that any donations toward the wind fight go directly to:     Thank you,   Shellie Correia

Vietnam Goes to War: Community Defenders Riot Over Planned Wind Farm Project


There are several immutable laws, such as the furious reaction that erupts whenever plans emerge to spear wind turbines into the heart of rural communities.

A few weeks back, we covered the outrage that’s erupted among South Korean farming communities over a wind farm, the noise from which is not only driving neighbours nuts, but, by killing bees, has destroyed the livelihoods of both apiarists and orchardists, who depend upon pollination services, once reliably delivered by bees: Beeline to Fury: Korean Farmers Declare War on Wind Power – For Wrecking Communities & Killing Bees

Now, a veritable war against Big Wind, has broken out in Vietnam.

Having crushed their French colonial oppressors at the battle of Diên Biên Phu in 1954, the North Vietnamese (in cahoots with the old Việt Minh and Việt Cộng in the South), went on to draw so much blood and treasure from the world’s…

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Cut the Subsidies and ‘Green’ Jobs Instantly Vanish: 80,000 German Solar Workers Sacked


‘Green’ job promises nothing more than hot air.

Remember all those stories about the wind & solar industries providing millions of groovy, well-paid ‘green’ jobs – as secure as Fort Knox? No?

Sure, you’ll hear those pitching RE promise loads of ‘sustainable’ jobs, as they wail about dreaded ‘uncertainty’ – causing bankers to baulk and investors to flee; and as they demand (with menaces) that governments maintain essential, massive and endless subsidies until the end of time.

But, this is the same crowd who tell us that the ‘transition’ to nature’s wonder fuels is ‘inevitable’ and that they’re not really getting any subsidies at all.

There are a few inescapable truths: cut subsidies to wind and solar power and the jobs those ‘industries’ have ‘created’ evaporate like snow in Summer. Funny about that!

Bloodbath in the German solar “industry” — without subsidies 80,000 solar jobs are gone
Jo Nova Blog

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Wind Power Fraud: Wind Industry’s Greatest ‘Capacity’ is for Total Delusion


Those pumping wind and solar only ever talk about capacity, which is like being told that the cheque is in the mail. The kind of fantastic promise made by those who hope it never collides with reality. But, like the cheque that never arrives (and bounces when it does), promises that wind power delivers are not just hollow, they’re a delusion.

Coal and nuclear power generation don’t need a second system like pumped hydro, mythical mega-batteries or prayers to Mother Nature in order to deliver power 24 x 365, whatever the weather. These are ‘systems’ and, by definition, systems work.

What’s depicted above is taken from Aneroid Energy and shows the entire output of every wind turbine located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia connected to the Eastern Grid, with a combined notional capacity of 4,675 MW during April this year.

Up and down like a…

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Threat to Endless Subsidies Sends Australia’s Renewable Energy Companies Into Meltdown

Turn the money taps off, and the wind-weasels will scurry away!


Wind and solar power were both founded on lies and myth, and can only exist when and where massive subsidies are practically perpetual.

Now that it’s become impossible for them to hide the obvious relationship between intermittent wind and solar and rocketing power prices and grid instability, the pleading to maintain the subsidies that sustain them, has gone from the usual sanctimonious bleating to an apoplectic, maniacal rage.

For all their talk about being competitive (even cheaper) than fossil-fuelled generation sources, the merest hint of tinkering with their subsidy stream sends them into orbit.

Here’s a nice little roundup of their latest internally inconsistent rantings from the team at JoNova.

Renewable snowflake investors false tears for “certainty” (Gimmedat guaranteed income!) – When investors cry for certainty, what they really want is “no risks” and “your money”
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
7 May 2018

The renewables industry only exists because of…

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Bad news for wind power: globally, winds are slowing

Watts Up With That?

Of course, global warming, the universal boogey man, gets the blame

Near-surface wind speeds over landmasses across the planet have dropped by as much as 25% since the 1970s, and climate scientists are taking note. Michael Lucy reports.

The wind isn’t what it used to be. Scientists say surface wind speeds across the planet have fallen by as much as 25% since the 1970s. The eerie phenomenon – dubbed ‘stilling’ – is believed to be a consequence of global warming, and may impact everything from agriculture to the liveability of our cities. It has taken more than a decade for scientists to get a handle on stilling, a term coined by Australian National University ecohydrologist Michael Roderick in 2007.

Roderick had spent years studying a 50-year decline across Europe and North America of a climate metric called pan evaporation. It measures the rate at which water evaporates from a dish…

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Redbank Power Station’s Renaissance: Bitcoiners Sign Up to Buy Cheap & Reliable Coal-Fired Power


Bitcoiners come to where the power is: Redbank, NSW

For power consumers searching for the cheapest and most reliable power, coal is the only answer. Crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, have been a bonanza; not only for risk-hungry techie investors (not to mention risk-averse drug smugglers and money launderers), they’ve been a windfall for power generators – provided those generators can deliver it reliably and at 1970s prices.

The servers used to run the block-chain programs upon which these virtual currencies depend, chew up veritable mountains of electricity. Hence their operator’s interest in sourcing the cheapest power there is. And, in Australia, that means coal-fired power.

The 151 MW Redbank Power Station, located near Singleton, in the Hunter Region, NSW, was built using private money by Babcock & Brown, started operating in 2001 and was mothballed in October 2014, after a messy liquidation of the entity in control, Redbank Project Pty Ltd.

Now, power…

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Renewables Rent-Seeker Round-Up: Time to Shame the Bad, the Worse & the Ugly


The next generation of Australians will be eager to string up those responsible for turning an energy superpower into an international joke.

Coal, gas and uranium rich Australia shouldn’t be paying the highest power prices in the world; and it shouldn’t be cutting power to businesses and hospitals during hot weather, when demand spikes and the wind stops blowing. The renewable energy cult calls that ‘demand management’ or even ‘demand resources’, as if chopping your business or home from the grid is like striking oil or gas.

All those dismal features of Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity are the natural product of an obsession with sunshine and breezes.

Peter Mitchell, one of the founding members of the Waubra Foundation, is eager to start the roundup early, with a name and shame list of the renewables rent seekers, and those in government who pander to them, most…

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