Visiting With Prime Minister Harper…

Another step forward, in my fight to protect our children….

Meeting with the Prime Minister, was a very exciting experience.  In person, you see the true warmth and caring, in his personality.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, and is very easy to speak with!   Now that we have met, I can begin the process, of sharing my information, and seeking his assistance!  The Provincial Liberals have not made any avenues available, to protect our children, or citizens of any age, from wind turbines being placed too close to their homes, and in fact, are denying the negative effects, their wind projects are having on people.  We need to look for help, Federally, because this is indeed, a health issue.  One more step forward!   Shellie Correia

Meeting with the Prime Minister...

Meeting with the Prime Minister…


For All the People Who Have Asked or Wondered about the “Copycat” website….

There are 2 people that resigned from my Mothers Against Wind Turbines group, who are trying to run their own group, and are using my name. I am delighted that they are starting their own group, but disgusted, that they are trying to steal my name.  My trademarked name.  It is the name I came up with, while looking for a way to protect my son, as well as help other families protect their children.  My story is on my blog, but surprisingly enough, they have put it on their website, and refuse to remove it, even though I have asked them repeatedly, to do so.  I want everyone to know, I do NOT endorse what these people are doing, I have no involvement with these people, and I am working toward resolving this issue.

I want to thank everyone who has been patient while this mess gets straightened out.          Shellie Correia

The Original Mother Against Wind Turbines


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It has been brought to my attention, that the people using my name, Mothers Against Wind Turbines, with inc stuck at the end of it, are soliciting the people of West Lincoln, for money.  These are the same individuals that resigned, and then snuck around, behind my back, and took all of the money out of my MAWT account.  Thousands of dollars that had been earned by myself, and some supporters from the community.  They had NO right to do this.  I would highly recommend that any donations toward the wind fight go directly to:     Thank you,   Shellie Correia

Totally ‘Gored’: Texan Town Pays Heavy Price for 100% Wind & Solar Vanity Project


Keen to pay ridiculous amounts for power in an act of pointless vanity? – get your town to go 100% wind & solar. Georgetown, Texas did and its 71,000 citizens are paying a heavy price.

Despite the hype, the town isn’t being exclusively powered by sunshine and breezes; quietly and ever so hypocritically the town continues to tap into Texas’s gas and nuclear powered grid – whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.

Worse still, no doubt feeling shortchanged on the promise of their ‘virtuous’ all wind and solar future, the folk in Georgetown are being walloped with power prices multiples greater than their neighbours.

Seven years ago, when it all began, a former presidential hopeful had applauded Georgetown’s push for ‘moral’ supremacy. However, these days though its residents must now appreciate what it feels like to be thoroughly ‘Gored’.

Texas town’s environmental narcissism makes Al Gore happy…

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Biggest Losers: Power Consumers Pay Insane Cost to Backup Intermittent Wind & Solar


Wind and solar collapses in SA and VIC on 24 and 25 January sent power prices into orbit, as conventional generators cashed in on the chaos. As wind and solar power output hit the floor, the spot price of power hit $14,500 per MWh. The additional cost to power consumers was in excess of $1,100,000,000 – for the owners of fast-start peaking plants (OCGTs and diesel generators) – money for jam.

For peaking power operators, the inevitable and total collapses in wind power output is where the greatest rort of all time begins.

You see, it’s not really about the costs of running OCGTs (or diesel engined generators) this is all about what the operator can get away with.

The pattern was set up by the energy market whizzkids from Enron – back in the days when it raped and pillaged the Californian power market, using much the same…

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Crunch Time: Can Australia Escape its Self-Inflicted Renewable Energy Calamity Before It’s Too Late?


Craig Kelly: champion for common sense & reason.

Everything about Australia’s renewable energy calamity was perfectly predictable and perfectly avoidable. Throwing $60,000,000,000 in subsidies at chaotically intermittent wind and solar was a pretty good start. Placing lunatics in charge of the entire operation sealed the deal.

Australia’s Eastern Grid (covering QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT & SA) is on the brink of collapse; under threat every time the temperature rises (and with it demand for electricity), the wind drops and the sun drops over the horizon.

South Australia, its wind and solar capital, pays the highest power prices in the world.

Victoria, with its own ludicrous 50% renewable energy target, is catching up fast. It’s also coming to experience the mass blackouts and load shedding that wind ‘powered’ South Australians are renowned for: Worthless Wind Power: Australia’s RE Debacle Deepens With 200,000 Victorian Households Left Powerless During Heatwave


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Insane Storage Cost Mean Batteries No Solution to Chaotic Wind Power Delivery


As the mob rumbles the fact that wind and solar can’t replace conventional generators, RE zealots can only mutter about ‘mega-batteries’.

Mass load shedding in Victoria and South Australia – following dramatic collapses in wind power outputleft hundreds of thousands sweltering and fuming at just what’s been done to our once reliable and affordable power supply.

The chaotic delivery of wind and solar is said to have its solution in enormous lithium-ion batteries, of the kind peddled by Californian carpetbagger, Elon Musk. He managed to offload one unit in wind power obsessed, South Australia, collected $150 million, and was never seen again.

Here’s Donn Dears dealing with the insane cost of redelivering trivial amounts of electricity using Musk’s mega-battery.

Four Minutes for $150 million
Power For USA
Donn Dears
15 January 2019

South Australia installed battery storage supplied by Musk for an estimated cost of $150 million.


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Bound & Gagged: Wind Industry Shuts Down Community Complaints Using Punitive Gag Clauses


The wind industry is a law unto itself, merrily crushing community opposition with the help of pliant and gullible politicians. And, where corruption reaches its natural limit, cash takes over. Mind you, spending other people’s money is always a treat.

Leases with farmers who ‘host’ the turbines and so-called “good neighbour” agreements with their neighbours who would otherwise suffer the torment from incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound without any compensation for their misery, all contain bullet proof gag clauses. Contractual terms designed to prevent any complaint or criticism of the wind power outfit in question, any of its activities, its wind turbines, the noise and shadow flicker they generate, anywhere, anytime, at all, ever.

Good neighbour agreements are a standard form and provide for the same result: you the neighbour are paid around $5-8,000 per year in exchange for which you relinquish every statutory and common law right…

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Falmouth Locals Celebrate Brilliant Victory: Noisy Wind Turbines Finally Silenced & Banished Forever


Never to torment Falmouth, ever again.

Beating the wind industry takes tenacity, patience and perseverance. In Falmouth, Massachusetts that combination helped locals regain their town after two Vestas V82s were speared within a few hundred metres of homes set in, once perfectly peaceful, idyllic rural countryside. Practically incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound literally drove neighbours nuts, for years. But once the fight began, there was no going back.

Back in November 2013, we reported on the orders made by a Court in Falmouth, Massachusetts that pulled their operation to a halt (see our post here).

We’ve also reported on Barry Funfar, a former Marine whose own country has forsaken him and his family, by aiding and abetting the local wind power outfit to ride roughshod over the rules; and decent Americans, like Barry (see our post here).

We gave an update on the Falmouth case in…

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Reliable Power Rewind: Australia Rebuilds Baseload With New High Efficiency Low Emission Coal Plants


Like pushing on string, adding wind and solar adds nothing to reliable power generation capacity: never there when you need it, and often there when you don’t, wind and solar are just a perpetual irritant to grid managers – the people attempting to keep the lights on and air conditioners humming this summer.

On 25 January, 200,000 Victorian households and businesses were left without power and fuming over what’s been done to their once reliable and affordable power supply.

Their Premier, Daniel Andrews and Minister for Wrecking the Grid, Lily D’Ambrosio danced a jig when a 1,600 MW coal-fired power plant, Hazelwood was knocked out of the game by subsidised wind.

Had that plant been up and running on 25 January, it would have easily covered the 833 MW collapse in wind power output that occurred over the space of a few hours that day. When the power went out…

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