Visiting With Prime Minister Harper…

Another step forward, in my fight to protect our children….

Meeting with the Prime Minister, was a very exciting experience.  In person, you see the true warmth and caring, in his personality.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, and is very easy to speak with!   Now that we have met, I can begin the process, of sharing my information, and seeking his assistance!  The Provincial Liberals have not made any avenues available, to protect our children, or citizens of any age, from wind turbines being placed too close to their homes, and in fact, are denying the negative effects, their wind projects are having on people.  We need to look for help, Federally, because this is indeed, a health issue.  One more step forward!   Shellie Correia

Meeting with the Prime Minister...

Meeting with the Prime Minister…


For All the People Who Have Asked or Wondered about the “Copycat” website….

There are 2 people that resigned from my Mothers Against Wind Turbines group, who are trying to run their own group, and are using my name. I am delighted that they are starting their own group, but disgusted, that they are trying to steal my name.  My trademarked name.  It is the name I came up with, while looking for a way to protect my son, as well as help other families protect their children.  My story is on my blog, but surprisingly enough, they have put it on their website, and refuse to remove it, even though I have asked them repeatedly, to do so.  I want everyone to know, I do NOT endorse what these people are doing, I have no involvement with these people, and I am working toward resolving this issue.

I want to thank everyone who has been patient while this mess gets straightened out.          Shellie Correia

The Original Mother Against Wind Turbines


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It has been brought to my attention, that the people using my name, Mothers Against Wind Turbines, with inc stuck at the end of it, are soliciting the people of West Lincoln, for money.  These are the same individuals that resigned, and then snuck around, behind my back, and took all of the money out of my MAWT account.  Thousands of dollars that had been earned by myself, and some supporters from the community.  They had NO right to do this.  I would highly recommend that any donations toward the wind fight go directly to:     Thank you,   Shellie Correia

Power Politics: Rocketing Power Prices Demand Immediate End to Wind & Solar Subsidies


The causes of Australia’s self-inflicted renewable energy disaster are all political; and have nothing to do physics, engineering, the weather or some kind of fossil-fuelled conspiracy.

The policies were deliberately designed to destroy Australia’s affordable and reliable power supplies. And, according to their purpose, they’ve done just that.

Last week, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission delivered a report on the causes and consequences of the disaster. Its conclusion was the same as that reached by STT years ago: renewable energy policies created the debacle, for which federal and state governments are entirely responsible.

A mix of inertia and feigned indifference pervades in Canberra: the PM, Malcolm Turnbull and his gormless Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg seem stuck like bunnies in headlights.

However, the ACCC has provided them with the perfect escape route. Whether or not they have the wit and temerity to take it, is another matter.

And that’s the…

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Wind & Solar Subsidies Caused Australia’s Power Crisis: Salvation Means Slashing Them Now


The adults have just taken control of Australia’s renewable energy debacle: the ACCC’s investigation into RE subsidies and power market gaming spells the end for subsidised wind and solar.

As STT has pointed out on more than one occasion: when a policy is unsustainable it will either collapse under its own imponderable weight, or its creators will be forced to scrap it, in shame and ignominy. The demise of Australia’s renewable energy policies will probably be a result of a mix of both.

Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government has just done what our political betters claim is impossible – slashing subsidies and cancelling 758 wind and solar projects that were in the pipeline: Ontario to Cancel Energy Contracts to Bring Hydro Bills Down: Keeping election promise will save $790 million to help lower electricity bills

There is nothing ‘inevitable’ about endless subsidies and mandated targets for wind and solar. Ontario’s voters/power consumers…

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Competition Watchdog Slams Subsidised Wind & Solar: Demands Government Investment in Reliable & Affordable Coal-Fired Power


It was only a matter of time before Australia’s ruinous renewable energy policies imploded and implode they just did.

Australia’s power pricing and supply calamity is the inevitable consequence of the so-called ‘transition’ to nature’s wonder fuels. And yet the wind and sun cult and renewable energy rent seekers continue to behave as if the results can be hidden from plain view: avoiding grid collapses is now a daily occurrence, based on what the weather might be doing at the time and where that fiery ball sits in the sky. More on that in an upcoming post.

With retail power prices jumping another 20% or more this year (on top of a 20% hike last year), those with an interest in maintaining Australia’s wealth and prosperity have hit the panic button.

The beginning of the end for heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar came in the form…

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Victoria’s Western Front Erupts: Locals Launch All-Out Attack On Hawkesdale Wind Farm Plans


Nothing generates fury and anger amongst rural communities like a wind farm. Hated for their lies, detested for their corrupt connections to those in power and despised for the contempt they dish out to wind farm neighbours, those that people wind power outfits have earned a reputation right up there with paedophiles and insurance salesman.

A decade ago, these characters could turn up at one of their so-called ‘community consultations’ and expect a cool, but polite hearing.

These days, thanks to sites like STT, they’re lucky to make it out of town with their limbs intact.

Country folk might be polite, but they’re not stupid. And they do not like being taken for fools.

What’s played out in Victoria is nothing short of diabolical.

Corrupt and pliant MPs, local governments and regulators have conspired to ruin communities like Waubra, Cape Bridgewater, and Macarthur.

The rules that apply…

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RE Madness Must End Now: Tony Abbott Calls Time-Out on Economy-Wrecking Paris Climate ‘Deal’

Australia considering pulling out?


There are good deals, there are bad deals and there are disastrous deals. For Australia the Paris Climate ‘deal’ is a monstrous disaster.

The realisation that an energy superpower found itself enmeshed in what is – for all intents and purposes – an international suicide pact, has just hit home.

The only justification (if it be a justification) for the trillions of dollars in subsidies thrown at intermittent, unreliable and chaotic wind and solar is that the purported reductions in carbon dioxide emissions associated with that pair will automatically prevent the planet from overheating.

The wind and solar industries are yet to produce a single shred of evidence to support their claims of substantial CO2 emissions reductions.

And it’s not just an absence of evidence, the world’s leading exponent of wind and solar, Germany, has squandered hundreds of billions of euros on subsidies and yet its CO2 emissions continue to…

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US Judge Delivers Verdict: Intermittent Renewables Will Never Replace Coal, Gas & Nuclear


Judge William Alsup delivers inevitable verdict on intermittent renewables.

A class of miserable human-haters detests the idea that energy should be freely available, to all. Instead, they go out of their way to promote costly, unreliable and intermittent wind and solar: a pair that will only ever deliver power at the margins; which depend upon massive, never-ending subsidies; cost a fortune to deliver; and do so only according to the time of day and the weather.

The same class of misanthropes seems to hate Western Civilisation, with an equally unhinged form of passion.

The Industrial Revolution freed Europe and later North America from grinding, agrarian poverty. Sure, the process was not without its trials (it was a ‘Revolution’, after all) but millions were, forever, lifted out of poverty and misery.

At the heart of the most rapid progress seen in the advancement of the human condition, was thermal energy: principally…

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Subsidised Wind Power: An International Crime Against Common Sense


Squandering voter’s money: gullible MP and her rent-seeking ‘friends’.

Two necessary ingredients of the great wind power fraud are a gullible public and a troupe of pliant politicians. A decade from now – as these things either self-destruct, collapse or quietly rust into oblivion – the MPs that enabled the greatest economic and environmental fraud in history, will not be thanked. Nor will history remember them kindly.

Globally, trillions of dollars have been squandered on subsidies to intermittent and unreliable wind power. Those places where wind and/or solar dominate have watched power prices skyrocket and have grids teetering on the brink of total collapse (think South Australia, for a start).

On one side of the ‘bargain’, it took real audacity to convince the populace and their elected representatives that wind power amounts to a meaningful power generation source. The flip side of the same coin involved a form of wilful…

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