Renewables Disaster Killing Australian Industry: Big Users Forced to Shut Down In Calm & Cloudy Weather


Endangered species: thousands of well-paid jobs threatened by eco-zealots.

Australia’s enviable prosperity isn’t due to sunshine and breezes, it’s down to iron ore, coal and a bevy of other minerals including copper and uranium.

Australia also has an abundance of bauxite which, when a reliable and affordable power sources is added, turns ‘NT road-gravel’ into aluminium – a high-value metal used in all manner of applications, from mobile phones, window frames and hipster bicycles.

Australia’s remaining aluminium smelters and thousands of jobs are now under mortal threat. Thanks to an obsession with heavily subsidised, intermittent and unreliable wind and solar.

The same goes for a range of energy hungry businesses and the jobs and wealth they currently create.

The fastest way to destroy any businesses’ bottom line is to keep cranking up energy costs. Which is exactly what’s happening in Australia.

Already suffering the highest power prices in the world…

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Intolerable Cruelty: Rocketing RE Power Costs Punishing Poorest & Most Vulnerable


Energy poverty was once synonymous with dirt-poor Third World countries. Now, thanks to an obsession with subsidised wind and solar, it’s part and parcel of life at the bottom in the First World, too.

As winter starts to bite across Australia, the working poor, unemployed and pensioners face an anxious battle between being frozen to death now or being ultimately crushed by crippling power bills, later. The ‘choice’ is literally down to heat or eat.

The majority of homes in Australia are equipped with reverse cycle air-conditioning and their owners use the heating cycle to keep warm in winter.

The poorest households tend to rely upon extremely inefficient electric radiators or blow heaters (and, short of that, scruffy blankets and kerosene heaters).

With power prices rocketing out of control, middle-class suburbs are now drenched in a pall of woodsmoke, as householders keep warm using scavenged timber.

It’s like stepping…

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Poorest Families Left Powerless: Britain Squanders £100 Billion on Renewable Energy


Subsidised wind and solar guarantee rocketing power prices, leaving plenty of pensioners and the poor powerless.

You know you’re dealing with an ideologue when your antagonist couldn’t care less about the vulnerable and impoverished that drift along at the very edge of society.

Justifying someone else’s suffering takes nerve, but it can be done (at least in the mind of the tormentor). Those that promote wind and solar at the expense of reliable and affordable electricity, live and breathe a form of self-assured malice towards their fellow human beings – of a kind familiar to those on the receiving end of Stalin’s purges and Chairman Mao’s, ‘Great Leap Forward’. Those dishing it out back then, ‘justified’ their actions as being for the greater good, just like eco-zealots do now.

In Britain, as elsewhere, you’ll find plenty of apparatchiks who have endless passion for renewable energy, but no compassion at all…

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No Retreat & No Surrender: Wind Industry’s Victims Left Furious at Government Inaction



What the wind industry hates most are facts. Troublesome facts like the health effects caused to neighbours by wind turbine noise.

In Australia, the wind industry has the so-called ‘Wind Farm Commissioner’ to help bury them.

Andrew Dyer has done everything the wind industry has asked him to do; principally his ‘task’ involves ignoring the hundreds of complaints that pileup on his desk, from people like Melissa Ware (among hundreds of others) – people forced to live with practically incessant, turbine-generated low-frequency noise and infra-sound.

Dyer’s other stock in trade is helping wind power outfits do behind-closed-door ‘deals’ with wind farm neighbours – in which they get paid a pittance for the loss of the use and enjoyment of their homes – all wrapped up with bullet-proof gag clauses that prevent their victims from ever uttering a word about the ‘bargain.’

As detailed in this interview with Alan…

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An Open Letter To Wind Concerns Ontario

I agree 100% with everything this letter says!!!

Property Rights Are Your Rights

WCO a beginning email 001Dear Wind Concerns Ontario,

I am writing in response to your email this morning, titled ‘The morning after–a beginning.’ (preceded)

I find your expressed/written position offensive, regressive and detrimental to those of us who take this fight seriously and intend to see resolution to the end.

“Our focus now will be on contract cancellation, wind turbine noise regulations, enforcement, returning local land-use planning to municipalities…”


Your area of ‘focus’ is dismal.  Its more dancing around the issue at hand only to permit continued harm and destruction.  This is evidence of being distanced from the harsh reality of what rural Ontarians are exposed too.  If board members of WCO were adversely impacted with Industrial Wind Turbines placed too close to their homes and families, perhaps the focus would be solid in conviction with immediate sights set on results.

I am tired of fluff.  I am tired of beating around the bush.  I…

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Small Modular Reactors: Pint-Sized Performers Add to Long-Term Nuclear Solution


Pint-sized performer promises power made to measure.

STT promotes nuclear power because it works: safe, affordable and reliable it’s the perfect foil for those obsessed about carbon dioxide gas – because it doesn’t generate any, while generating power on demand.

One of the feeble ‘arguments’ against it, is that nuclear power plants are of such vast scale that they take longer to build than the pyramids of Giza, and cost twice as much.

This article from Forbes suggests otherwise.

NuScale’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Passes Biggest Hurdle Yet
James Conca
15 May 2018

NuScale Power is on track to build the first small modular nuclear reactor in America faster than expected.

Two weeks ago, NuScale’s small modular nuclear reactor design completed the Phase 1 review of its design certification application (DCA) by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. That’s a huge deal because Phase 1 is the most intensive…

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RE Regrets: Germany Laments its ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar


When it comes to wind and solar, no country went harder or faster than Germany. As they say though, act in haste, repent at your leisure.

A grid on the brink of collapse and rocketing power prices is all that Germans have to show for their obsession about powering themselves with daily sunshine and occasional breezes.

Now, their economic leadership is taking a different approach to the debacle.

The latest wheeze is that as soon as one country (ie Germany) sets out to destroy its once reliable and affordable power supplies, every other country is bound to join the circus.

Working on the basis that every country should suffer from a costly and inefficient electricity supply, it’s a little like being forced to run in a three-legged race; the sporting spectacle where competitors are hobbled together in order that they all might fail together. No one gets ahead, so everyone…

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