Wind ‘Powered’ South Australia Pays $14,000 per MWh for Power that Coal-Fired Plants Can Deliver for $50


The cost of accommodating the chaos delivered by wind power is utterly staggering. And provides half the explanation as to why South Australia, Australia’s ‘wind power capital’ and the world’s ‘renewables leader’, pays the highest retail power prices in the world. The massive subsidies included in the cost paid by retailers for wind power, provides the other half.

In our recent posts, we’ve focused on the desperate scramble to find electricity when wind’s promised megawatts go missing; and how Victoria’s hospitals and dozens of energy hungry businesses have been forced to power down to prevent a complete grid collapse.

In this post we hand over to Jo Nova to focus on the cost to power consumers of finding electricity from meaningful, but very costly, sources which are meant to operate at the margins, rather than as centre-stage performers.

The owners of diesel generators and Open Cycle Gas Turbines charge like…

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Addicted to Other People’s Money: Wind Industry Howls Whenever Its Massive Subsidy Stream Threatened

Turn off the subsidy tap, and the windweasels will scurry away back into the night!


No but, yeah but these things is well cheap to run, except ya gotta keep them subsidies comin’ cos’ choppin’ em will send us broke and all.

Way back in 1984, wind cultist Christopher Flavin’s told us that “in a few years’ time wind energy will not need to be subsidised.” 34 years on, the subsidies just keep on flowing and, without those subsidies, the so called wind ‘industry’ would disappear like a snowflake in summer.

No matter where they ply their trade, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers will never be accused of running a consistent theme when it comes to wind power’s (supposed) ability to compete with conventional generation sources.

Whenever the political brains trust start challenging the true and hidden costs of wind power to their constituents, these boys start babbling about the wonders of wind being “free”; their “technology constantly improving”; their costs coming down…

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Germany’s Wind & Solar Power FAIL: Top Economist Declares Energiewende “Delusional”


Wherever in the world governments have shackled their energy policies to nature’s ‘wonder fuels’, the sun and wind, it doesn’t take long for their constituents to enter a state of mortified panic as they recognise that their economic futures have been sacrificed to an obsessive cult-like ideology.

Because so much money was in the offing for those who played ball, very few boffins or bureaucrats were ready to call the renewables scam for what it is: the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

However, as it becomes evident that the RE Emperor is only adorned in the clothes he was born in, it’s not only battered business owners and householders being crushed by rocketing power prices terrified of where this lunacy ends, those who understand how economies work are equally unnerved. At least in Germany.

Major Blow To ‘Energiewende’ As Top German Economist Shows Plan Can Never Work!

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Community Backlash Against Big Wind: Massachusetts Residents’ Unanimous Vote Blocks Future Wind Projects


Savoy’s enlightened voters savour the sweetest victory.

Remember all the guff about rural communities falling over themselves to get into bed with big wind? No?

STT has forgotten those well-polished propaganda pieces, too.

Watching reasonable people turn against wind power with a vengeance is one of life’s inevitable events – like herds of hungry Wildebeests prowling the Serengeti in search of greener pastures.

And it’s a one-way street: once a community works out that wind power is the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, and that the wind industry delivers nothing but division, hatred and contempt wherever it rolls, that community will fight like fury to shut the door for good.

Savoy is a town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts and it has just done what thousands of communities around the world are itching to do: preventing wind power outfits destroying their peaceful and prosperous way of life.


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Falmouth’s Victory: Noisy Community Destroying Wind Turbines to Be Demolished

Persistence, determination, and knowing what’s right and wrong! It has worked for the townspeople of Falmouth!


Back in November 2013, we reported on the orders made by a Court in Falmouth, Massachusetts that pulled to a halt the operation of a couple of Vestas V82s that have been driving townspeople nuts, since they kicked into gear almost 7 years ago (see our post here).

We’ve also reported on Barry Funfar, a former Marine whose own country has forsaken him and his family, by aiding and abetting the local wind power outfit to ride roughshod over the rules; and decent Americans, like Barry (see our post here).

We gave an update on the Falmouth case in March 2015:

US Wind Farm Litigation: Update on the Falmouth Case

And again in April 2015:

Wind Turbine Infrasound: an “Acoustic Trespasser”

And again in September 2015:

Wind Farm Nuisance Case: Falmouth Zoning Board Orders Turbine Shutdown

In June last year, a Judge ordered that the town’s tormentors be…

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‘Windfarm has ruined my family’s life’

Same story, different country. This abuse of innocent rural people has to stop! #StopTheWindScam

The Law is my Oyster


Yet another distressed family has come forward to describe how a wind farm in Co. Wicklow has ‘ruined’ their lives.

Richard Hobson and his partner have two special needs children who are sensitive to noise and light. The family moved to County Wicklow for the ‘space and tranquility’ it offered and so that the children could be play outside in peaceful surroundings, as is a child’s right.

Due to the noise of the newly constructed wind turbines at Ballycumber Wind Farm the children can no longer play outside.

Elaine says:

“But after being out there for a while and being exposed to the noise, between 30 and 45 decibels, they get very stressed and upset. A lot of the time now I bring them elsewhere to play. It breaks my heart as we moved here to have space. We used to live in a housing estate in the city but…

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Australia Closes Coal-Fired Power Plants: Hospitals Forced to Cut Power Use & Power Prices Rocket


Australia’s ‘inevitable transition’ to nature’s ‘wonder fuels’, the wind and sun is looking more like a transition to the Third World.

Rocketing power prices have seen tens of thousands of Australian families cut from the grid, no longer able to afford power at all.

And power ‘rationing’ of the kind one might expect in North Korea, Cuba or the USSR of old has beset a country which once enjoyed the cheapest power on earth; thanks to the winning combination of abundant reserves of coal and gas and politicians with their feet on the ground rather than their heads in the clouds. Although they don’t call it rationing, it’s called ‘demand management’.

As we detail below, the victims of these Stalinist ‘power purges’ include Victorian hospitals (forced to turn off lights and air conditioners) and dozens of energy hungry businesses paid by taxpayers to shut down completely, in order to prevent…

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