Pointless Part-Time Power: Germany’s Readily Available Wind Power Capacity Less Than 1% of Total Installed Capacity


Zephyr in a thimble: total German wind power
output March 2011 to October 2017.

When it comes to actually delivering wind power, the real and the ideal are a gulf apart. In Australia, the average capacity factor (the ratio between actual output and nominal capacity) is just on 28% across the Eastern Grid, where 1,800 turbines with a total capacity of 5,100 MW have been speared across four states.

Actual output depends, of course, on the attitude of the Wind Gods, on any given day. Then there’s mechanical failures, maintenance and downtime, which increases pretty rapidly as these things age.

In Germany, the total number of turbines is pushing 30,000, with a total capacity of 56,000 MW. However, it turns out that those thousands of units are rarely available, at all.

The Truth About Wind Energy: The Readily Available Wind Power Capacity in Germany is Less Than One Percent of…

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Enemy Within: Virtue Signalling Renewable Energy Zealots Determined to Destroy Australia’s Economic Prosperity


It started with a kiss …

Wind and solar is a purely political phenomenon: they have nothing to do with economics, instead, they’re all about virtue signalling.

In the absence of massive and endless subsidies, this wouldn’t even be a topic.

The idea that an economy can run on sunshine and breezes is, of course, patent nonsense. Debacles like South Australia, Ontario and Germany stand testament to the damage that can be very easily done by a deranged and determined few.

Driven by a religious fervour that would have made those in charge of the Spanish Inquisition blush, renewable energy zealots gain their purported license from hysterical claims about the tiny fraction of carbon dioxide gas generated by human activity.

The argument runs that in order to save the world from imminent incineration, we need to switch immediately to an all wind and sun powered future. Except, wherever that’s…

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Game Over: Australia’s Energy Minister Slams Chaos Delivered by Subsidised Wind & Solar


The reason Australia’s renewable energy rent seekers are suicidal has a name: Angus Taylor. The Federal Energy Minister hates subsidised wind and solar with a passion. Taylor was elevated to the position in late July, and since then he’s been giving those involved in the greatest fraud of all time hell.

Last week, Taylor appeared at a conference organised by lefty business rag, the Australian Financial Review. Its journos are fully paid up members of the wind and sun cult, and are having a very hard time dealing with the reality that Angus Taylor is now firmly in charge.

Angus Taylor in new drive for reliable power supply post-NEG
Australian Financial Review
Angela Macdonald-Smith and Ben Potter
10 October 2018

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor will unveil a fresh push to keep alive the reliability mechanism in the now-abandoned National Energy Guarantee in a move that will put the…

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Renewables Rejected: More Countries Get Serious About Serious Power Generation


Countries serious about their economic prosperity are getting serious about serious power generation. Ontario, China and Japan have slashed subsidies and mandated targets for wind and solar; between them China and Japan are building hundreds of high-efficiency, low emissions coal-fired plant at home and even more across South-East Asia.

Germany’s transition to an all wind and sun powered future has descended into an economic debacle and, soon enough, it will be forced to retreat from the brink.

Australia’s new Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor is determined to slash subsidies to wind and solar, referring to them as “virtue signalling with other people’s money”. Ominous stuff for renewable energy rent seekers, Downunder.

It’s almost like there’s been a breakout of common sense!

Lawrence Solomon picks up the theme below.

Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau stands alone as Canada — and the world — abandons green energy
Business Financial Post
Lawrence Solomon

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Deutschland’s Delusion: Renewable Energy ‘Transition’ in Tatters – CO2 Targets Missed as Power Prices Spiral Out of Control


Destroyer of worlds: wrecking villages and an entire economy.

Germany has a history of clinging to lost causes: its ‘inevitable’ transition to wind and solar is just the latest example. As Berlin was overrun by the Red Army in April 1945, Hitler and his loyal aides and commanders kidded themselves that the Reich might soon ride again.

The Fuhrer and his newly wedded wife, Eva literally went out in a blaze of glory, rather than face capture and humiliation of the kind dished out to his Italian mate Mussolini. (There’s always something a little poetic about captains going down with sinking ships, even if the captain in question was a deranged monster, responsible for destroying Europe and tens of millions of innocent lives.)

A few generations on, Germans are watching history repeat.

This time it’s their position as Europe’s industrial and manufacturing superpower that’s facing, deliberate and self-inflicted annihilation. Germany’s…

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: American Wind Industry Caught Faking Community ‘Support’ for Wind Power


The wind industry was founded on myth, is built on lies and runs on a mix of subsidies and propaganda.

And, it should never be forgotten that, the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, was only made possible by our political betters.

Armed with the belief (not unjustified) that you can fool most of the people, most of the time, politicians run the same nonsensical lines as the rent-seekers, who critically depend upon them for endless subsidies, mandated targets, tax credits, soft loans and corrupt planning rules and regulations. It’s a match made in heaven.

Then there’s the need to pretend that wind power has broad and lasting community support.

In its efforts to ‘win hearts and minds’ in increasingly switched-on and cynical rural communities, the wind industry is utterly shameless.

Sham surveys, phoney consultations and barefaced lying are all par for the course.

Struggling to conjure up…

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Wicked Waste: Rocketing Prices & Blackouts Only ‘Dividend’ From $60bn in Subsidies to Wind & Solar


Setting fire to cash is one way of destroying value, throwing $billions in subsidies at intermittent wind and solar is just as effective.

Chicago gangsters displayed their notorious net worth by stoking up their stogies with hundred-dollar bills. Easy come, easy go, as they say.

So it is with the unreliables: wind and solar.

Australian power consumers will be forced to stump up more than $60 billion in subsidies to wind and large-scale solar over the life of the Federal government’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET).

The Federal government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), along with State-based green schemes and Feed-in-Tariffs for domestic solar are adding more than $1.2 billion to power bills across the country.

Together the LRET, SRES and state FITs collectively deliver more than $4 billion annually in subsidies to wind and solar; all of which is added to rocketing retail power bills.

Those figures constitute…

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