High Farce: Renewable Energy Target Sending Australia Broke


Tony Abbott’s RET, emissions policies made energy policy a farce
The Australian
Judith Sloan
12 August 2017

Tony Abbott may have seen the light on energy policy since ceasing to be prime minister. But when he had the top job, he made two fatal mistakes.

The first was to agree to the renewable energy target being renegotiated rather than ditched or paused. The second was to agree to the emissions reduction targets of 26 per cent to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030 as part of our commitment to the Paris climate agreement.

What was he thinking? He may claim he acted on the basis of dodgy advice — and there was an overabundance of it at the time (and still is) — but he was warned on both matters. He decided to go with the flow. Take the decision to lower the RET from the ludicrous target…

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Politics of Power: Queensland Voters Blame Subsidised Renewables for Rocketing Power Prices


For more than 15 years renewables rent seekers have been peddling the myth that wind and solar power are practically free, and getting cheaper all the time.

As Australian power consumers anxiously crack open the envelopes that contain power bills guaranteed to shock over the next few weeks, the crushing bottom line staring back in black-and-white at gobsmacked householders will finally put paid to that well-worn lie.

The rates set out in the graphic above began to apply from 1 July this year; those on monthly billing cycles will have just received their first bills at the new rates. In notionally wind powered South Australia, power bills will be fully 20% higher than this time last year.

But everybody across the country is facing a thumping; Queenslanders, no exception.

The wind and solar industries have, until now, taken the notion that every sentient being on the Continent is 100% behind…

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South Australia’s Renewable Energy Fiasco: Wind ‘Powered’ State to Run On Diesel-Fuelled Jet Engines


Diesel-fuelled jet engines: what promises to power
SA this summer and next summer and ..

If South Australia were a novel, it would find itself a place amongst the classic tragic comedies.

For a while the bromance between its vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill and Californian carpetbagger, Elon Musk might’ve earned a place in the ‘rom/com’ category, as well.

However, now that Jay Weatherill is determined to keep the lights on this Summer and beyond using diesel fuelled jet engines – instead of powering SA with sunshine and breezes captured and stored lovingly in Musk’s mega-batteries – that romance is clearly at an end.

South Australia generating electricity from rubbish and diesel powered jets, if they could only burn government regulations instead
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
9 August 2017

A little update on our favourite green state.

SA tries to fix a Big-Government mess with a Bigger Government: Man-made regulations created…

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Renewable Energy Policy in South Australia & Ontario: ‘Simply Murder’


STT is not sure whether it’s just an Australian thing, but about 30 years ago capital cities around the country set out to find an international doppelgänger somewhere else in the world, willing to be referred to as their ‘Sister City’.

Adelaide, the capital of that beleaguered economic backwater, South Australia has four of them: Christchurch in New Zealand; Austin, Texas in the USA; Himeji in Japan; and Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia.

However, thanks to an obsession with wind power, apart from siblings spread far and wide, Australia’s so-called ‘wind power capital’ also has the dubious honour of having the highest retail power prices in the world, and a well-earned reputation for statewide blackouts and mass load shedding. Rather than being a sibling to be proud of, Adelaide is more like one of Cinderella’s fat and ugly sisters; an object of derision and the subject of pity, all at once.

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$50 Million Dollar Massachusetts Renewable Energy Fraud

Renewables Scam in Action!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Samuel C Cogar – A couple from Acton, Massachusetts have been charged with defrauding the United States Government of more than fifty million dollars worth of tax free renewable energy grants.

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
District of Massachusetts
Thursday, August 10, 2017

Acton Couple Arrested for Defrauding the Treasury Department of Over $50 Million in Tax Free Energy Grants

BOSTON – An Acton couple was arrested today and charged with defrauding the U.S. Treasury Department of more than $50 million in tax free energy grants as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Christopher N. Condron, 45, and Jessica Metivier, 41, were charged in an indictment unsealed today with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States with respect to claims and three counts of wire fraud. They were released on conditions following an initial…

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Life in a fossil-fuel-free utopia

Watts Up With That?

Life without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish and short.

Guest essay by Paul Driessen


The drumbeat for a fossil-fuel-free energy utopia continues. But few have pondered how we will supposedly generate 25 billion megawatts of total current global electricity demand using just renewable energy: wind turbines, for instance. For starters, we’re talking about some 830 million gigantic 500-foot-tall turbines – requiring a land area of some 12.5 billion acres. That’s more than twice the size of North America, all the way through Central America.

But where it really gets interesting is what life would actually be like in a totally renewable electricity world. Think back to Colonial Williamsburg – the good old days. The way they really were. Not the make-believe, idyllic version of history they teach in school these days. Read on, to take a journey to the nirvana of the “stabilized…

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Power Prices in Wind ‘Powered’ South Australia Double the Price of Power in Nuclear Powered France


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture above speaks volumes about the real cost of wind and solar power to the people that really matter: power consumers.

Before we unpack some of the gems glittering in the power price league table above, we’ll hand over to one of the few Liberal MPs who appreciates the seriousness of Australia’s self-inflicted renewable energy calamity.

Craig Kelly was recently lambasted by members of the wind cult (including one from his very own party) for having the temerity to point out that rocketing power prices are being driven by Australia’s Large-Scale RET, and that one inevitable consequence of that policy was an increase in the number of powerless pensioners who will perish unnecessarily this winter: Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster Puts Lives at Mortal Risk: More Powerless Pensioners Will Freeze to Death this Winter

Here’s Craig demanding an end to…

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