Read This Before You Vote…..Our Province Depends On It!

That is something worth voting for

on Election Day.

by lsarc

If you are in business you understand the bottom line.

You probably realize that cheap and reliable electricity enabled Ontario’s prosperity and destroying that advantage eventually destroys even our ability to protect the environment.

Just as cold drives people to desperate means in order to heat their homes, there are serious life consequences to political profiteering with our energy system.

In just the latest act in the ongoing series of Liberal legal dramas, Mesa Power is seeking$653-million in damages under a NAFTA challenge.

If you are keeping a tally… this is in addition the $475-million lawsuit by Windstream Energy and the $2.25-billion by Trillium Power Wind Corp.

Mesa Power’s court filing alleges that senior Kathleen Wynne campaign advisor, Bob Lopinski, who was representing multinational renewables firm NextEra, bent the rules to help the client of a prominent Liberal lobbyist to more than $2-billion worth of power contracts, thereby bumping Mesa’s projects out of line, costing it sunk costs and lost future profits through “political favouritism, cronyism and local preference.”

If you are a parent or a teacher you understand that you can’t get away with saying, “Do as I say, not as I do!” without losing a bit of credibility each time.

You do that and you are teaching that the rules don’t apply.

The Liberal scandals are a result of those who “govern” us ignoring the rules and regulations which are meant protect our society.

In no particular order, here are some of the top Liberal scandals:

– Children’s Aid Society – made off with huge executive salaries, perks, and the children suffered.

– OLG scam – cheated the public through sole-sourced contracts and insider wins.

– Smart meter – TOU (Time Of Use) savings which have not materialized for 80% of customers whose rates keep rising.

– Slush fund – funnelling $32 million to Liberal-friendly organizations, the Auditor General described it as the worst ever lack of process or accountability.

– “Green” energy – socially, environmentally and economically destructive even as constraint payments are added.

– ORNGE Air – nepotism, bonuses, salaries, poor service and now 17 charges laid for resulting deaths

– eHealth database – cost billions for consulting, salaries, bonuses, untendered contracts- for nothing

– Gas Plants-waste and even more scandalous cover-up

“Sorry” doesn’t cut it when the same disrespect for the public purse is replayed in every deal which benefits Liberal cronies… and it does not stop! Kathleen Wynne’s “safe hands” try to conceal yet another boondoggle playing out in Toronto.

In his Financial Post article – “MaRS, the Ontario government’s very own money pit” – retired banker Parker Gallant exposes the creative accounting exercise in which the Liberals are currently engaged.

“The MaRS story raises doubts about the $4.2-billion in loans that IO (Infrastructure Ontario) had on its books at March 31, 2012. What are the updated risk qualifications on all of IO’s obligations?
It’s time for the Auditor General to conduct a review of both Infrastructure Ontario and the MaRS Discovery District and provide the taxpayers of the Province with the true picture of their financial position.”

One can’t honestly imagine how Tim Hudak could possibly be scarier than the status quo.

OPSEU’s Smokey Thomas believes Kathleen Wynne is lying and will cut at least 30,000 public sector jobs; he says at least Hudak is “honest and straightforward”.

That is something worth voting for on Election Day.

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