Big Green Lie – Tells it Like It Is!!!

Why the Liberals won the election and why this Province is nothing more than a “banana republic”!

Posted: June 22, 2014

Sad days in Ontario. Greed, apathy and an intentional dismembering of our Democracy over many decades by various Governments has finally exposed all that’s wrong with allowing an unfettered gang of power mongers and corrupt industrialists to run a Province.

Short term for a place like this on this planet: banana republic


Courtesy Bing

One can’t call these past few decades as being ruled by politicians, who are nothing more than “puppets” doing the bidding of their backroom masters, “managed, handled and groomed” to say whatever they are told, all 3 parties that have held the reins of power in this Province. The end result of this type of leadership?……….a bankrupt, divided and lost society with little or no way out from a future mortgaged to the hilt!

The only solution for any “sanity” or financial stability is for people to move and relocate somewhere else in canada that may offer some light.

Sad days in Ontario!!!!

Ontario’s worrying banana republic problem

The Ontario legislature operates under a set of rules that make it nearly impossible for a single opposition party to move motions of non-confidence. This is not normal and it is not democratic.

PETER LOEWEN June 21/2014

Imagine a friend just returned from a country you knew nothing about. During her visit, your friend took an interest in the country’s politics and the election they just held. Suppose she told you the following.

First, the governing party had a leader who, under accusation of major political corruption and the threat of sanction by the legislature, suspended that same legislature until his successor could be chosen. His successor, despite inheriting a government under police investigation, was able to survive nearly two years.

If your mind was an inquiring one, you might want to know how a party could survive in such conditions. Your friend tells you that despite holding only a minority of seats, they were able to routinely buy off the third party through policy concessions. Worse, they’d been able to avoid tests of confidence because these are essentially impossible to move under the rules of the legislature.

Things get stranger and they get worse. When the government was finally brought down, they were returned with a majority government. Now, the counting was fair and the party’s campaign was above board. But alongside their campaign was a massive one run by unions and interest groups. Those groups seemed sometimes indistinguishable from the campaign personnel of the governing party. And those same unions were preparing to negotiate labour agreements with the party in power. These fellow-travellers could raise and spend money without limit and effectively without oversight.

This cake comes with icing. The provincial police force actively inserted itself into the campaign, releasing information about investigations into the governing party. At the same time, the police union campaigned against the principal opposition party……………………………

MORE to this Story in Ottawa Citizen of June 21/2014

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