Bill Weir, from CNN, Proves that “Emotion, not Logic”, rules Climate Alarmists!

The ‘Gore effect’ turns ugly – CNN climate bias revealed

You know of the “Gore effect“, Wikipedia describes it as  “…an informal and satirical term which alleges a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and global warming activism”, so it was appropriate to apply to the situation where the Gore’s Climate Reality Project group tried a political ploys that looked stupid: “I’m Too Hot” trucks and offers of free ice cream to this week’s Environmental Protection Agency hearings on power-plant emissions…when it was 58 degrees and raining. Obviously, CNN’s Bill Weir doesn’t understand satire, much less how to be a professional journalist.

From Mediaite:

It’s safe to say CNN anchor Bill Weir is not a fan of climate change deniers.

On Thursday, the Twitter account for Fox Nation, a blog run by Fox News, tweeted a link to a post headlined, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.”

The story, aggregated from the Washington Times, relates to a Denver visit by former Vice President Al Gore‘s “Climate Reality Project” for EPA hearings on power plant emissions.

The group showed up to hand out ice cream even though it was 58 degrees.

Weir retweeted the link, with his own comment: “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks.”


[ Twitter: ]


One wonders why he didn’t say same the same thing about Gore and his ice-cream trucks to treat the “I’m too hot” weather that never materialized. Oh, yeah, bias.

This is probably the best reason ever to tune out CNN, when they hire emotional children like this instead of journalistic professionals, it’s pretty much pointless to watch any longer.

After what I experienced recently, I’m beginning to think that most climate alarmists are nothing more than emotional children disguising themselves as professionals.

UPDATE: I posted this short message, twice. It was deleted both times, but the second time I saved a screen cap. Apparently Bill Weir has an ego that is easily bruised, or there’s somebody at CNN running interference.


You can look here as see that it is now missing.

[ Twitter: ]

Class act, guys. No bias there at CNN.

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