Faux-green Enviro-fanatics Hide Their Sins…A Diesel Spill, no less!

Week-end Humour! Green Group Dumps Oil on Great Barrier Reef

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 12:38 AM PDT

It may not be Australia’s Exxon Valdez,  but when a ship dumps 500 litres of diesel into the pristine Trinity Inlet at the Great Barrier Reef, there would be headlines around the world, wouldn’t there?

Well, wouldn’t there?

And wouldn’t the Greens led by Christine Moan and the “Sea Patrol” Devotee Sarah Hanson-Bling be screaming to the high heavens?

Well, it happened. And they didn’t raise a murmur.

In fact it happen five months ago.

Do you remember the headlines in all the Main stream Media (MSM)?  Did you see ANY headlines in the MSM?

If the answer is no; obviously you do not read the Cairns Post. (LINK)

diesel spill that dropped up to 500 litres

of diesel into the Trinity Inlet

And why, you pry, didn’t we hear a cry? Shouldn’t they fry? Who was the bad guy? Was it Captain Bligh? No, according to Moan and Hanson-Bling it was a good guy!
It was the New Atlantis under the Captainship of the Green’s Fellow Earthling Bob Brown, Sea Shepherd extraordinaire.

….ship owned by conservation group Sea Shepherd dropped up to 500 litres of diesel into the Trinity Inlet. The environmental organisation, whose Australian arm is chaired by former politician Bob Brown, yesterday pleaded guilty to the marine pollution offence in the Cairns Magistrates Court.

Surely you heard about it, didn’t you?  You would have heard about it

  • From the SMH and the Age
  • Blasted over “our” ABC’s speakers;
  • From 7’s Mark Riley and 9’s Laurie Oakes;
  • The Deafening wail from the Greens;
Did the crew of the Sea Shepherd discover the dreadful leak?    NO.

The court was told a passerby noticed diesel flowing into the sea about 6.30pm and tried to alert crew members before notifying the master of a ship moored alongside who boarded the New Atlantis and told them.

“She noticed a strong smell of diesel fuel and saw liquid running from the New Atlantis into the water,” the court document read.

“The smell was so strong the passerby had to put a jumper over her nose … “

Well, even if the Greens, the MSM and the TV channels didn’t think to mention it, the Magistrate thought that it was significant.

Magistrate Kevin Priestly called the amount “not insignificant” and questioned why a crewman was performing the fuel transfer and not the chief engineer.

Department of Transport and Main Roads prosecutor Anne Roseler called for a penalty of between $15,000 and $30,000. Mr Priestly adjourned the decision to a date to be fixed.


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