Media spin doesn’t reflect reality

We are extremely lucky to have Prime Minister Harper. Some people just don’t realize it. Time will tell!

Crime & Punishment

In the past 48 hours a number of media stories have popped up saying the Prime Minister Stephen Harper “hid” in a closet during the terror attack on Parliament Hill Wednesday. Twitter was alive with those affected with Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS) tweeting and retweeting  the stories gleefully. The suggestion obvious that the PM was scared and a coward.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Prime Minister was moved into the nearest place of sanctuary by aides once shots were being fired outside the caucus meeting room. Period. Any suggestion that this was anything else is pure nonsense.

As someone who has spent time on the Prime Minister’s security detail I do have some knowledge on the subject unlike some of the vitriolic tweeters gleefully pointing at these cheap journalistic shots.

The Prime Minister’s security detail has increased in the days since 9-11. But the one thing that…

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