Britain 3421 Wind Turbines Installed, 1500 Accidents In 5 Years

The Useless Wind Turbines Have NO Redeeming Qualities!

Tory Aardvark

Chris Huhne and the renewables industry have long been playing the nothing to see here game whenever there is a wind turbine collapse, fire or accident.

By their own admission the renewables industry is very cagey about the sacred bird chopper, the recent disintegration of a wind turbine in a mere 50 mph wind earlier this month highlighted the problem that these useless blots on the landscape have, their gearboxes and lubricant are not fit for purpose.

One nation, the Dutch who really know about windmills have abandoned wind power for all the usual reasons expense and reliability, yet in Britain the madness of Chris Huhne continues unabated with plans for 30,000 additional bird choppers costing £2 million each, a total cost of £60,000,000,000 that will require 100% backup from existing power stations using fossil fuels.

£60 billion for something that works at just 25% efficiency, it gets…

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