Agenda 21 in Action….Landowners Forced to Defend Their Properties From Gov’t Interference!

From David Honey
2131 King Street
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 6P7
Tel: (905) 380-3803

Letter to the editor:

On October 2, 2014, a group of landowners from the Niagara area approached the Regional Council expressing their concerns about how the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) has been overstepping their mandate and abusing their powers.
When the NPCA was first formed, their mandate was to control flooding and erosion on publicly-owned property. They were well-respected by the communities and they were doing a good job. In 1990, the Conservation Act was revised, and since then, the NPCA has been placing more and more focus on controlling what people do on private property. We have now reached a point where the NPCA’s abuse of power has resulted in many good, law-abiding citizens being dragged through court, losing their life savings and sometimes even their property, defending themselves against Conservation Authority fines and lawsuits.
In January of this year, more Niagara residents stood in front of the Regional Council’s Conservation Authority budget hearing, asking them to investigate and report on how many taxpayers’ dollars are being spent on litigation and appeals, and to have the NPCA’s $12 million budget slashed.
Last week, two dozen citizens who have been charged under the new Conservation Authority Act-often for simple offenses such as adding clean topsoil to their property-went to Regional Council hoping for assistance. When Council was asked what had been accomplished since the last meeting, with regards to helping these people, everything went quiet. Does this mean council has no intention of doing anything?
Regional Council has the right, and the authority, to control (and even dissolve) the NPCA. Surely, they can find the intestinal fortitude to reign them in and insist that this organization respect the rights of private property owners.
We need your help. Please contact your regional councillor and ask them to bring about change-to make the NPCA more transparent and more accountable for their actions. They need to stop abusing their power, stop bullying landowners, and stop spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars to drag citizens through court. Thank you.

David Honey, president
Niagara Landowners Association

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