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Brilliant Letter, Wind Victims Want the Truth to be Known!


A make no apology form posting this comment that someone left on the Countryfile fb Page about their program on wind farms. It really says a great deal. Hope that urbanites that read this comment take notice.

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  • It is good to see that maybe, just maybe, someone at the BBC has woken up and realised the depth of feeling about the wind turbine scam. Thousands of people have their lives blighted by the things, the environment is being trashed and a very few, mainly very unscrupulous, people are making fortunes on the back of an ultimately pointless waste of money.

    If the BBC actually want to do some real journalism instead of just following the official green party line dictated by RenewablesUK, why don’t they investigate the scandal of ETSU-R-97? Why is it all other industrial activities which are in contact with the general public are judged by the standard…

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