US Wind Farm Litigation: Update on the Falmouth Case

Residents Fighting Back Against the WindScam!


judges-gavel And then the hammer came down …


Back in November 2013, we reported on the orders made by a Court in Falmouth, Massachusetts that pulled to a halt the operation of a couple of giant fans that have been driving townspeople nuts since they kicked into gear over 5 years ago (see our post here).

We’ve also reported on Barry Funfar, a former Marine whose own country has forsaken him and his family, by aiding and abetting the local wind power outfit to ride roughshod over the rules; and decent Americans, like Barry (see our post here).

Here’s an update from Frank Haggerty of the Falmouth Patch.

Falmouth Wind Turbine Lawsuit Explanation: Town of Falmouth Avoided Special Permit Bylaw 240-166
Frank Haggerty
Falmouth Patch
20 March 2015

The Town of Falmouth placed two massive commercial wind turbines at the Falmouth waste water treatment plant. The two turbines…

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2 thoughts on “US Wind Farm Litigation: Update on the Falmouth Case


    Falmouth Turbines: The Final Judgment
    Opposition Falmouth Wind Turbine Appeal Filed 3/27/2015
    By FRANK HAGGERTY (Open Post)
    March 27, 2015
    Share 0 CommentsFalmouth Turbines: The Final Judgment
    Falmouth Turbines: The Final Judgment

    The sign of ‘the last days’ is clear

    There are reasonable explanations for why Falmouth and the people began to worship the wind turbines, those explanations do not excuse the sin of taking the health and property rights of the minority.

    Who will hold the people accountable for their corruption.

    First meetings were held called the Falmouth Wind Turbine Option Analysis Process (WTOP) to engage in an open, transparent, and collaborative exploration of the range of options for the long-term future of the Town’s two Wind Turbines – Wind I and Wind II. The meetings were video taped and shown on Falmouth cable TV. The Public Never Saw All The Videos

    All the videos were shown to the public on FCTV except for the most important video which discussed the stimulus money used for the turbines. Was the 5 to 6 million a loan or a grant.

    The September 12,2012 video has never been seen by the public and is “ lost.” There has never been an announcement that the tape is missing and the public has never seen the meeting.

    The public and town meeting members over the years have been spoon fed only positive information about the turbines. Negative information like the missing video is just omitted excuse me ,”lost” as was the noise warnings from Vestas wind company prior to the installations of the turbines.

    When do you call it lying by omission ?

    Falmouth has the biggest smoking gun sin in the history of Massachusetts. No one can deny the Town of Falmouth had known about the excessive noise that broke state noise regulations. In fact the town was aware of the noise prior to any installations. Vestas wind company the manufacturer of the turbines warned the town well in advance.

    The town hid the letter from the public and any public meetings and hearings.
    The letter is at this link and provides proof the town had always known about the noise :

    The Town of Falmouth has committed a crime against humanity. For five long years the town and its residents have taken the health and property rights of the minority.

    The Falmouth experience is a lesson to us today. The taking of your neighbors goods with no compensation defies logic.

    The Massachusetts Superior Court is coming closer to holding the town responsible and accountable for the sins of the taking of health and property.

    For the last five years the Town of Falmouth has denied the wind turbine victims Due Process by continuing to file lawsuit after lawsuit with the hopes they could out spend the neighbors.

    When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law .
    Falmouth avoided bylaw 240-166 because they already knew from day one the turbines were too loud.

    Opposition To Town of Falmouth Wind Turbine Appeal Filed TODAY 3/27/2015

    FAR Further Appellate Review
    03/25/2015 #2 OPPOSITION to FAR application filed for Todd Drummey & others by Christopher G. Senie, Esquire.


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