Wind Industry Armageddon: Power Retailers Win Round One in Battle to Kill LRET

Governments Need to Stop Feeding the Faux-Green Beasts!


Ali Vs Patterson In the LRET battle, it’s round one to power retailers, on points.


As STT has pointed out, just once or twice, the policy debacle that is the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) is completely unsustainable, on every level: economic, social and political.

In the absence of the mandated subsidies (“the carrot”) directed to wind power outfits, and the mandated penalties (“the stick”) whacked on retailers under the LRET, there would simply be no market whatsoever for wind power (see our post here). Kill or cut the LRET, and the wind industry is completely finished.

Political operatives on both sides of the fence, the wind industry, its spruikers and parasites continue to run around like headless chooks trying to cut a “deal” to save the LRET.

However, all of them have either failed to appreciate – or are simply choosing to ignore – the fact that their problem is…

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