More on the Climate Change Scam, From a Real Climate Scientist!

Judith Curry on Mark Levin–I think she’s pissed

Who am I, but a man of experience and intelligence, to consider the reason why Judith Curry, climate scientist and Chair of Enviro Science at Georgia Tech would go on the Mark Levin Radio Show at 6:30 pm on 4-15-15 to talk about her testimony before congress in the previous 24 hours, condemning the warmer hype?

I think that Raul (the wart hog) Grijalva’s inquiries into her travel and funding and the general problem of an inquisition Boxer and others on the left in congress, have raised the lady’s hackles.

I like that. My hackles are perpetually raised because of the lies of the EPA funded junk scientists and their running dog allies in the press and the congress.

So today Dr. Curry showed up to talk to Mark Levin, not a shrinking violet as a conservative, and she told the story of why she is where she is on the warming battle.

May I remind you of what she did in testimony the past 24 hours and what she has done in the past.

It’s not like we have not noticed her courage and integrity before.

today before the Levin show:

In the past you might have thought I was considering sainthood for Curry–take a look:

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