Wind Industry Ponzi Scheme Collapsing: Pacific Hydro’s “Downfall”

The Wind Industry is in a Tail-spin….Wonderful!


turbine-2_3153749b It’s not just gravity that’s against them.


Pacific Hydro is a name synonymous with wind industry skulduggery in Australia: the merciless treatment of its victims at Cape Bridgewater has been added to the annals of Australian corporate infamy, right up there with Aussie asbestos pedlar, James Hardie (see our post here).

Pac Hydro has copped a pasting for riding roughshod over the rights of its neighbours’ lawful rights to live in and otherwise enjoy their – now practicably unliveable – homes from the Senators on the Inquiry into the great wind power fraud.

We have already covered the evidence given by Steven Cooper, the author of the groundbreaking study into the harm caused by Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater disaster, as well as the brilliant report on the Inquiry by Today Tonight’s Rodney Lohse:

Senate’s Wind Farm Inquiry: Steven Cooper’s Evidence on his Groundbreaking Study

Today Tonight Reports on…

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