Liberal Hack, Mike Crawley, exposed!

Creepy Crawley. Liberal Carpetbagger for wind turbines.

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Mike Crawley, Liberal Party Politics and Industrial Wind Turbines


Hansard Snippets referencing Mike Crawley and the advance of Industrial Wind Turbines Into Ontario (What’s a few million between friends!)

Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature:

Mr. Runciman: Once again the Premier clearly avoided the questions dealing with adherence to bid requirements. We’re talking about a contract that provided a company headed by a prominent Liberal with a guaranteed 20-year, $66,000-a-day contract. This is a very lucrative deal, and the hard-working taxpayers of Ontario have a right to know if this contract was awarded appropriately.

Today I received information indicating that Mr. Mike Crawley, the president of AIM PowerGen, sent an e-mail in the midst of the bid process to various parties encouraging their attendance at the energy minister’s fundraiser at $5,000 a pop. Premier, I’m sending copies of this material over to you and…

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