Will Thorium be tomorrows fuel?

We need clean energy, that is reliable, not dependent on the weather.


I was shocked to be berated by an ecology graduate recently over my support for nuclear energy. It seemed her knowledge was restricted to Greenham Common and Magnox reactors. Hey, nuclear energy has moved on light years from when energy from nuclear was a by-product of the production of fissionable materials for nuclear weapons. And yet at a time when new technologies from Fusion to micro nuclear to thorium are just arriving in the mix our government it stuck inthe dark ages with the commissioning of the Hinckly Point’s new reactor. The UK used to lead the world in nuclear power station construction but we sold our last manufacturer, the US Westinghouse Company, to the Japanese a couple of years ago. So we have jumped for the French Electricité de France who have major problem with the Finnish Nuclear scheme and the cost of de-commissioning aged French reactors. Should we…

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