Victims of Wind Turbines Fight for Their Right to a Peaceful Life!

Angry Wind Farm Victims Pull the Trigger: Turbines Shot-Up in Montana and Victoria



One of the great lines spun by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers is just how much country people can’t wait to snuggle up next to a cuddly bunch of Vestas V112s (see our post here).

Apparently, life for rural communities just isn’t complete without a fleet of blade-chucking, pyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices.

The wind industry’s story goes that country folks’ currently miserable, downtrodden lives can only improve with the addition of a few hundred whirling, bat-chomping, bird slicing wonders.

The problem is, as with most wind industry bunkum, the facts soon separate from the myth.

Despite the spin-masters’ well-oiled claims about everybody simply “loving wind turbines to bits”, the truth is that there are plenty of wind farm victims who are keen to see them end up in bits; lots of little bits.

Just how keen is shown by these two stories: the first from Montana; and the next from Waubra in Victoria.

Wind turbine shot, NaturEner offering reward of $2,500
The Valierian
3 June 2015

shot turbine


NaturEner, which owns and operates the Glacier Wind wind farms in Glacier and Toole counties, is offering a $2,500 reward for information on the gunshot vandalism of one of its turbines.

One of the turbines located in the Glacier County portion of the Glacier Wind 2 farm was shot sometime in mid-April. The bullet punched through the outer shell of the turbine and damaged a major cable leading to the generator, causing more than $100,000 in damage.

“Whoever is responsible for this senseless act of vandalism endangered our employees, whom actually work inside the part of the turbine that was shot, and our neighbors, as well as damaging a valuable piece of renewable energy infrastructure,” said Gabriel Vaca, vice president of NaturEner. “Anyone with information about this incident should contact NaturEner and the Glacier County Sheriff.”

The turbine stopped generating power on the afternoon of April 17, and the bullet damage was discovered on April 23 by repair technicians, who reported the incident to law enforcement officials.

The intense heat caused by the power surging through the cable melted the bullet, and sheriff’s deputies have found no witnesses who saw or heard the gunshot.
The Valierian

Meanwhile, the trigger-men are just as active Downunder ….

Shots fired at Waubra wind farm
The Courier
Kara Irving
18 April 2015

shooting turbine


Maintenance workers have been put at risk by people shooting at Waubra wind turbines.

Acciona Australia has asked police to investigate incidents of people taking aim at its Waubra Wind Farm turbines over the last two months.

A company spokesman said shooting at the turbines posed significant safety risks for its workers.

“Acciona takes employee and contractor health and safety, as well as safety in the local community, very seriously,” a spokesman said.

“Any person that has knowledge or information that could assist in the police investigation should contact Crime Stoppers or Ballarat Police.”

The company could not confirm how many of its 128 wind turbines had been shot.

No workers, contractors or members of the public had been injured as a result of the incident.

Australian Wind Alliance national coordinator Andrew Bray said it was the first shooting incident he had heard of at wind farms.

“I have heard of incidents where people had vandalised property around the wind farms, but this is a first for me,” he said.

There had been no significant damage to the 80-metre-tall turbines as a result of the shooting.

All Waubra Wind Farm turbines have one narrow elevator and stairs for workers.

Acciona Australia opened the wind farm near the Sunraysia Highway in 2009.

The wind farm is located 35 kilometres north-west of Ballarat.

A Victoria Police spokesman said comment would not be available until Monday.

Anyone with information regarding the incident should contact Crime Stoppers.
The Courier

Andrew Bray – not the sharpest tool in the shed – appears to have a hard time connecting the fact that it takes something pretty serious to get ordinary, law-abiding citizens angry enough to start pumping lead into someone else’s property.

Bray – a highly paid wind industry spruiker – true to his gormless type – fails to see the irony in his very own dismay. For years now, in every utterance and every press release, Bray bubbles over, telling us how everyone, everywhere just can’t get enough of “free”, lovable wind energy.

And yet, at Waubra and in Montana, that “love” manifests with well directed shots from high powered rifles?!?

While Bray suggests it’s the first time he’s heard of shots being fired at wind turbines, STT has heard a few reports of Australian farmers letting loose on turbines with shots fired in frustration and anger. One shootist apparently decided to stop firing at the blades, because the holes made caused them to emit a ‘whistling’ sound, only adding to the acoustic torture.

The fact of the matter is that rural communities cannot abide these things. When asked fairly and squarely, more than 90% of threatened and effected communities are bitterly opposed:

Wind Industry Keeps Losing ‘Hearts and Minds’: Community Opposition Rolls & Builds

While only a few have taken up arms in response (so far), there’s been plenty of self-directed action from threatened and/or harmed communities around the world, which STT is happy to describe as acts of community “self-defence”:

Community Defenders Down MET Mast in Donegal, Ireland

More MET Mast Mayhem: Community Defenders Drop Mast in Fight to Save Homes near Bangor, Maine

MET Mast Mayhem: Scots Use Guerrilla Tactics to Stop These Things

Wave of Destruction: Ontario Wind Farm Neighbours in Open Revolt

These acts of desperation and frustration are perfectly understandable. For a taste of what’s driving this anger turned to action, cop an earful of what these folks are being forced to tolerate:



Collectively these actions can be characterised as a response to entrenched institutional corruption; such as the Clean Energy Regulator happily doling out $billions in RECs to wind farms that have never shown compliance with the noise conditions of their planning consents:

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator Doles Out $Billions in Subsidies to Non-Compliant Wind Farms

Citizens are bound to react against any industry quick to destroy their lawful rights to live in and enjoy their own homes. And they’re bound to react violently when that industry is devoid of any moral compass, let alone human empathy. An industry that openly displays a callous disregard for basic human rights – such as the ability to sleep comfortably in one’s own bed – using its shills to call them “wind farm wing-nuts” and otherwise dismissing or ridiculing their wholly unnecessary suffering – as Andrew Bray and his ilk do, on a daily basis:

Thai Turbine-Terrorist, RATCH Scores Monumental “Own Goal” during Senate’s Wind Farm Inquiry

Sleep matters – and incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound at night-time destroys the ability to enjoy it:

Wind Turbine Noise Deprives Farmers and Truckers of Essential Sleep & Creates Unnecessary Danger for All

If anybody in government believes that the politics of “renewables” is all about blindly favouring them, then the events outlined in this post and the posts linked above should provide pause for thought.

The warm and fluffy tag “renewables” is used to garner political support for the wind industry – but there’s a distinction between giant industrial wind turbines grinding away in the next paddock at 2 in the morning and solar panels on the house next-door. STT’s yet to hear of a case of anyone unloading their grandpa’s .303 on their neighbour’s solar panels.

Tony Abbott’s Coalition have just struck a deal with Labor involving a $46 billion electricity tax aimed at salvaging what’s left of Australia’s wind industry (see our post here).

For thousands of people in rural communities spread out across the country that “deal” – which has been passed in the House of Reps – is seen as a betrayal, not only of their interests, but of the interests of the Nation as a whole (see our posts here and here).

What Tony Abbott & Co need to pick up on (real fast) is the fact that it’s ONLY the lunatics of the hard-‘green’-left that are ready to die in a ditch to ‘save’ the wind industry – pumped up by astroturfing outfits like GetUp! – people that will never, ever vote for the Coalition.

Meanwhile – thanks to wind industry front men, Ian “Macca” Macfarlane and his youthful ward, Greg Hunt – the Coalition is pandering to a crowd they can never hope to win; and forsaking those who have – till now – loyally thrown their votes at the Liberals and Nationals.

With rural community anger about to boil over, STT predicts that turbine target practice, and the destruction of turbines and MET masts has only just begun. Are you listening, Tony?



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