Global Wind Day….Let this be the Day to Ramp Up Education and Discussion of the Windscam!


14 June 2015


Tomorrow June 15th, the wind lobby will be celebrating Global Wind Day.
Its choice of day coincides with the WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAY, as
per United Nations’ resolution A/RES/66/127. This evidences a lack of
respect for the elders, especially those that are victims of abuse. Is
it surprising? – Not really. Wind farm victims are also treated with
contempt. They are ignored, or even accused of imagining their
insomnias, headaches, nauseas, tachycardias,  etc.

On June 15th, abused elders will take a second seat as they watch the
hundreds of events organised worldwide to convince people that wind
farms are useful, cheap, harmless to birds and people, good for property
values and great for tourism and the economy.

But are wind farms useful, they might ask?
– Not in the least, say independent engineers. The following cartoon
explains why:

On this special occasion, copyrights to the cartoon are waived by the
author, [1]  We are grateful to him for
this attention.

Wind turbines have been operating since the eighties, yet the problem of
their intermittency hasn’t been solved. Nor has their cost, which
makes their electricity three times more expensive than that generated
by conventional power. This, and other unsolved problems listed below,
make many windfarm opponents claim that WIND TURBINES ARE A SCAM. Their
real purpose would be threefold:
– finance political parties (part of the subsidies are returned through
the famous “revolving door”);
– provide large, guaranteed profits to a new class of “green” crony
– hurt the economies of entire countries or states (starting with Spain,
California, Ontario, etc.), as a prelude to the political takeover by
“anti-establishment” political parties (e.g. “Podemos” in Spain).

Hence the nickname given by some to the Global Wind Day:


– infrasound emitted by these machines make some residents seriously
– allowed noise limits are frequently exceeded,

– shadow flicker at certain hours of the day causes added stress to

– properties within view of the turbines suffer losses in value ranging
from roughly 10% to 50%,

– turbine blades kill birds and bats by the million every year;

– wind turbines depreciate landscapes and heritage sites, and horrify
most tourists;

– subsidies and other financial advantages granted by governments to
support unprofitable and unreliable wind energy cause budget deficits to

– taxpayers, then consumers foot the bill – fuel poverty soars;

– the high price of electricity causes companies to relocate abroad;

– investors prefer states or countries where energy is cheaper;

– states or countries relying on renewable energy become less
competitive, therefore poorer.


Mark Duchamp    +34 693 643 736 [2]

Chairman [3]

References available here: [4]

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