Signs of a Community Disintegrating….

Destruction of a community.


I love my home in West Lincoln.  I am not the only one, who feels this way.

Today I drove past the home of a family, that has spent their lives in this community.  They have built a thriving business. Made a home for themselves and their children,  and home schooled all of their kids.  The children’s grandparents also call this community home.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins, too.   All of the friends and acquaintances that have been built up over the years, are here as well.  An upstanding family, by anyone’s standards, who deserve to be able to live in their home, as long as they like, but the Liberal government in Ontario, does not care about this family, or any other rural family in this province.  We are collateral damage, in the imaginary fight against global warming.

The truth is, it is not about the environment.  It is about…

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