Without the “Climate Scam”, There would Be No “Wind Scam”!

Article from World Commerce Review…


Government-Induced Climaphobia…..Government Uses Fear as a Tool for Extortion!

One of the ways the UN has come up with, to implement Agenda 21, is to scare the citizens of the world, into going along with their climate change fiasco.  When they have created enough fear, they can convince the people, that they have to go to extreme measures, to stop this tragedy from happening.  This is the stage that we are at now.

Billions of dollars are being thrown into useless, inefficient sources of “renewable energy”, that could have been spent on adapting to any changes in the climate, whether they blame CO2, or any other source.  The irony is, that without 100% back-up, with reliable energy sources, the renewables would be useless.  Without enormous government subsidies, as well as “first to the grid” privileges, extraordinarily high charges per KW hr. and tax breaks galore, the faux-green renewables would be…

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