Pope’s New Position: “Shill for Government-induced Climaphobia!”

A pile of filth?

The Pope’s encyclical makes that comment.  The Scottish Skeptic has the best response I’ve read.  From the Scottish Skeptic, We live in luxury that even kings a few centuries ago could only dream of.

June 18, 2015

As a result of the industrial revolution – to which I’m proud to say a lot of Scots contributed. The world is now living in luxury, we are healthier, better educated and safer than at any time in history. Our rivers and clean, the clean air acts have cleaned up the air. You only have to look at the filth and squalor in which previous generations lived to know that most people in the past would have given anything to be born now.

OK, there’s still a lot of people living in squalor, but there’s been a noticeable improvement so that whereas the images of the “third world” used to be filled with people without clothes or any other modern convenience, now they all seem to carry mobile phones.

Only in a sick delusional mind, could anyone describe the present time as a “pile of filth” – but that is what the headlines are now reporting the Pope as saying. That flies in the face of history, reason and more or less redefines the best of all possible times as some stinking hell-hole.

And that is the fundamental tactic of the eco-fascist. To take something good like the essential plant food CO2 without which there would be no life on earth and try to make people believe it is poison. To take a world of abundant clean healthy food produced by fossil fuel powered farm equipment, fossil fuel derived fertilisers, sent around the world in fossil fuel powered transport and then to make people believe that fossil fuel – the one thing that created the fantastic modern world we live in – is some how evil.

That is the tactics of ISIS. To make people believe that the best of times, is the worst of times, to make people hate the society, technology and culture that has given us so much much good, and make people want the utter filth depravity and backwardness of those like ISIS.

In short we should all be proud of the modern world and thank our forefathers (and mothers) for giving us this fantastic world that does give most of us our daily bread.

h/t Paul Homewood

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