Excellent film documentary on the Wind Turbines in California, Not Clean, Not Green…

Excellent film from California, on the Windscam!



A short film about wind turbines….and how they are not clean, & not green.
A film from the United States which was shown at the cultureunplugged film festival.
This was made by a group of people, championing for the environment.  They know that wind turbines are faux-green, and the only true green, is the cash!
More and more relevant information is becoming available to the public.  Wind pushers are not at all pleased with these accomplishments, and are always looking for ways to deny the damage they are doing…Getting harder every day, to do that!  😉   Shellie
They’re Not Green :
Director:Nettie Peña | Producer:Nettie Peña
Genre:Documentary | Produced In:2011 | Story Teller’s Country:United States

Synopsis:For a period extending over thirty years, the…

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