The Wind Industry Lies, and Then Pays Their Useful Idiots to Back Them Up!

Fairfax & the ABC: the Wind Industry’s Useful Idiots; or How “Mantras” Killed Journalism



Ron and Chris Jelbart, and their son, Peter have come to prominence on these pages once or twice; for all the wrong reasons.

Ron and Peter have given evidence about the debilitating impacts of incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound on their ability to sleep and function as a farmer and heavy-vehicle driver:

Tide Turns as Senate Inquiry hears from the Wind Industry’s “Road-Kill”

Peter went on to detail how incessant night-time noise from AGL’s non-compliant Macarthur disaster impacts on his ability to operate safely behind the wheel:

Wind Turbine Noise Deprives Farmers and Truckers of Essential Sleep & Creates Unnecessary Danger for All

Now, Peter has penned a simple but cutting riposte to the useful idiots at Fairfax and the ABC (aka the ‘Ministry of Truth’) that parrot wind industry lies and myths in blind deference to their Overlords. The letter got a run in the local rag, but STT thinks it worthy of much wider distribution.

Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to the latest media bombardment from the Clean Energy Council, formerly known as the Australian Wind Energy Alliance. This was in response to Tony Abbott’s interview where he said in no uncertain terms that he finds wind turbines visually awful and very noisy.

My radio station of choice is triple j. I listen to this daily at work and on weekends, and enjoy the musical content and lack of commercialisation.

Whilst listening to Dr Karl with Zan Rowe last week a person rang in with a question concerning health impacts from living in the vicinity of wind turbines. The answer that followed by the somewhat funny, often likeable doctor raised questions in my mind. There wasn’t a mutter or stumble, a tangent or a hesitation, no tweets from the audience and no need to refer to google scholar, just a torrent of denial of any sort of health impacts from wind turbines, all in all a very unscientific answer.

The definite nature of the response, although not surprised by his slant, aroused my suspicion. It all clicked after talking to my father on Friday night. This was a posed question with an already written answer, as was “Ian” from Macarthur who spoke to Neil Mitchell Friday morning. “Dennis” from Woodhouse who spoke to 774 ABC was also a suspect caller, again on Friday morning.

The ABC 7:30 report Thursday evening spoke to Mark Butler, the Federal Shadow Minister for Environment, obviously pro Wind Farm. Hamish and Anna Officer appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Standard, over the course of a couple of days.

What we have seen is the full force of the wind energy sectors Media and HR departments trying to turn the tide after Tony Abbott’s interview, well helped by the heavily Left leaning and gutless Media. The ABC is well known for its allegiance to the Labour side of politics and the Fairfax run Standard is obviously nailing its colours to the mast in no uncertain terms, after the last few days’ stories and editorials.

Whilst the Fairfax Warrnambool Standard does a great job on covering local news, such as school fetes and country football and netball, their coverage on the issue of wind farms has been pathetic. No journalist has sought deeper answers or asked proper questions. It seems they get all they need to cover a story straight from the huge Media departments of the wind farm operators, the same rhetoric always. Any complainant is just a jealous neighbour suffering from Nocebo.

There is a reason that there is a senate inquiry happening at the moment. I spoke briefly at the Portland hearing about the effects of sleep disturbance and deprivation that I suffer as a neighbour of Industrial Wind Turbines, a consequence of being stimulated by low frequency noise and infrasound. Steven Cooper’s research at Cape Bridgewater along with NASA’s research done years ago by Neil Kelley, confirm that infrasound has been known, and hidden by wind farm companies for a very long time.

The noise testing done at home pre and post windfarm is farcical, designed and financed by the wind farm companies to give them the answers they seek, lost data, flat batteries and setting up testing equipment under trees etc to distort and manipulate the truth all part of the game. Low frequency noise and infrasound is not part of the testing.

No one who has not had to live beside a windfarm for an extended period, and who isn’t subject to strict “gag” clauses, such as hosts and other neighbours who receive money for tree screening etc. is qualified to speak on the subject of windfarm noise. The sheer stupidity of the comments from people who pull up under them and say “I can hardly hear them” shows a complete lack of understanding of the infrasound problem and can only be put down to absolute ignorance or complete arrogance.

These visually awful, or “somewhat graceful and beautiful towers of man’s going to save mankind from himself” windmills, depending on your persuasion, apparently blend in a little too well to the landscape for our avian friends. As reported in 2014 “conservative estimates of bird deaths are at 10 per tower per year” and during official searches at AGL’s Macarthur wind farm 64 carcasses were found including falcons, kestrels, shrouded kites and a spotted harrier, as well as 6 Wedge Tailed Eagles. For an individual this bird kill would be disastrous, resulting in prison, fines and (rightly deserved) bad publicity but for a wind farm it’s all in a “day’s work”.

The people who are writing in weekly to papers such as the Standard are not political activists. They are farmers, teachers, secretaries, retirees, Salt of the Earth people. People with far better things to do, but impacted to such a degree that they will fight, they will tell their story and they will pursue the truth. The only thing that keeps them motivated is the fact that they know they have a problem and it’s not just “in their heads”.

They are not the liars, the villains, the cheats, the greedy, or the soft of heart or will.

Peter Jelbart

Nice work, Peter.

Although we think him too fair on the wind industry shills that people the struggling Fairfax stable and the ABC.

Pig ignorance, among children and the uninitiated, can be excused for a while, but in the face of insurmountable facts, not forever.

STT has repeatedly clobbered the myth perpetuated by the lunatics of the hard-‘green’-left that wind power is capable of not only displacing, but wholly replacing, conventional generation sources, such as coal, gas and hydro:

Wind Power Myths BUSTED

SA – Australia’s ‘Wind Power Capital’ – Pays the World’s Highest Power Prices and Wonders Why it’s an Economic Basket Case

Why Coal Miners, Oil and Gas Producers Simply Love Wind Power

May 2015 SA

Either our current crop of journos can’t interpret simple graphs or understand basic economics? Or their eyes simply glaze over while they mutter “no, it can’t be true?”

eagle 1

And the same horror and disbelief must grip them when faced with buckets of splattered bats and ute-loads of slaughtered birds:

Bird Carcass Count proves AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm is an Avian Slaughterhouse

Faced with a few pics of Eagles sliced in two, shaken, they’re reduced to stuttering something about its “all okay because their cat once killed a bird too”.

Then there’s the classic wind industry spin – highlighted by Peter – that: “Any complainant is just a jealous neighbour suffering from Nocebo”.

It’s a wind industry line that was always specious and self-serving, but – in the light of the evidence given by Clive and Trina Gare to the Senate Inquiry – it’s downright dishonest.

Clive and Trina have hosted 19 2.1 MW Suzlon s88 turbines for five years, pocketing over $1 million along the way; and, yet, gave solemn evidence that the incessant low-frequency noise that’s generated at night-time has ruined their ability to sleep in their own home; and that they wouldn’t live within 20 km of a wind farm if they had their choice over again:

SA Farmers Paid $1 Million to Host 19 Turbines Tell Senate they “Would Never Do it Again” due to “Unbearable” Sleep-Killing Noise

While Graham Lloyd from The Australian gave that story a run, don’t expect the ABC or Fairfax to do likewise.

And a little journalistic nouse would have uncovered what the wind industry has known, and worked like demons to cover up, for around 30 years:

Three Decades of Wind Industry Deception: A Chronology of a Global Conspiracy of Silence and Subterfuge

But, no, those kind of facts would never do.

You see, as with any cult, even so much as questioning the mantra is tantamount to heresy – which leads to exclusion, if not expulsion, from the warmth and safety of the compound.

Instead, the chants from acolytes have grown louder, and more shrill, in an effort to maintain their own confidence in their increasingly shaky beliefs.

And so it was, in the last week, that hitherto hard-core heathens started quoting that world renowned long-range weather forecaster, the Pope – as the answer to their apocalyptic prayers and need for self-validation.

Now, with all due respect to His Holiness, directing his congregation in prayer for the poor and needy is a far more sensible use of his time, than prophesying about the temperature in 50 years time.

As that great philosopher, Yogi Berra warned: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

Notwithstanding that sage advice, STT is happy to predict that the Pope will end up with the same level of credibility as Australia’s own long-range weather forecaster, and ABC favourite, Tim Flannery (for a rundown on Tim’s prodigious prognostic skills see our post here).



Not only is the current crop, claiming to call themselves journalists, gullible, they’re nasty too. The ABC’s political cutie pie, Annabel Crabb scooped the gold medal when she called long-suffering wind farm victims “Dick Brains” on ABC radio:

Pacific Hydro Orders ABC’s “Ministry of Truth” to hound Steven Cooper, Graham Lloyd and Channel 7 Over Wind Farm Study

And the same outlets cite, with veneration, a former tobacco advertising guru as their “high priest” on the question of adverse health effects. Notwithstanding that his qualifications are limited to the effect ofadvertising on rates of smoking. The fact that he ridicules and demeans people he’s never met as “wind farm wing-nuts” doesn’t seem to trouble the ABC at all. What’s that stuff in its Charter about “balance” and “objectivity”?

No, what’s dished up from Fairfax and the National Broadcaster can’t be explained by simple, seasoned ignorance. As Ben Franklin put it:

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid”.

At Fairfax and the ABC they’re clearly working very hard.

dumb 3


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