If you Host a Wind Turbine, You’re Part of the Problem! Stop the Wind Scam!

Wind Turbines: The Evil Seed

They came in like a soft silent breeze
Hushing the naïve
Speaking with forked tongues
Proclaiming black is green
Maiming thinkers with corrupt words
Casting a thick cloud of concern
Residing with hidden evils
Leaving a trail of trash
Forever scarred
The stench you see
Smells of decay

What appears above and below is a plea from Michigan. The author quite rightly sees the roll out of giant industrial wind turbines akin to an evil seed – that, like an errant tumour, takes root, multiplies and ends up totally consuming once productive, healthy and happy rural communities.

It all starts with a host – no host, no turbines.

That host may start with good intentions, hoping to be ‘green’, and accepting what they have been told. But the reality is so profoundly different. Many hosts are gagged by the slick and cunning lawyers and can not share their suffering – but some can and do:

SA Farmers Paid 1 Million to host 19 turbines tell Senate they would never do it again due to unbearable sleep destroying noise 

Turbine hosts lament: Hammered by wind power outfits, hated by former friends, relatives, and neighbours

David Mortimer, Turbine Host: An “Inconvenient” Wind Industry Fact

Once turbines are allowed in a community, it becomes easier for the system to bring in more – chasing the stream of subsidies that have caused this perversion in the first place.

This story comes from Tuscola County, in Michigan, in the US, where with no more than a week of notice, the first turbines were approved.

This area, called the Thumb (the shape of the State resembles a mitten protruding into the Great Lakes of North America) is considered the third most fertile agricultural land on earth – the naturally blackened dirt fields are ‘bars of gold’ for farming.



It intersects key bird migration pathways.



Now turbines are everywhere. The views of the Northern lights are replaced with an industrialised red light district.

Red lights


And the community is ruined. Community cohesion is gone. All those years of built community friendships are gone.

But the aggressive cancer of turbines progresses unabated. A further 2,700 turbines are planned for the area, with a new transmission line now completed. That number is more than twice the total number of wind turbines in Australia.

And it all starts with a host, who signs away so much, for a tiny sack of silver.

Don’t let the evil seed settle where you live. Please stop these things before they start.


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