INTERPOL report shows five criminal activities in carbon trading markets

More corruption from the faux-green crowd. This time it’s the “Carbon Credit Scam”!

Watts Up With That?

INTERPOL report points out some of the inherent structural problems unique to carbon markets


Guest essay by Arkady Bukh, Esq

In 2009, Al Gore obfuscated and downplayed the role that CEOs played in crafting his Cap-and-Trade CO2 trading scheme and carbon swapping system. Gore failed to put a lid on his Congressional committee testimony about the global warming, carbon-tax debate — the derivatives bubble in the then emerging green-energy credit-swap.

Gore had good reason to be less than forthcoming. Despite his testimony, Enron’s Ken Lay played a large role in developing the plan.

Chris Horner, now a Senior Legal Fellow for the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, was Director of Federal Government Relations for Enron when Gore testified.

With Enron’s implosion two years later, any thought about the energy giant becoming involved in the carbon-tax market vaporized.

The fraud has since been pulled off to a greater degree by many…

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