Vale: The Faultless Member for Hume: Alby Schultz

Sad When Such an Honest, Honourable Man, is lost. Rest in Peace, Alby Schultz.


STT regrets to inform the world of the passing of the Faultless Former Member for Hume, Alby Schultz. What we wrote about him two years ago gives some idea of the courage and nobility of a Great Australian. His Country will miss him.

This post was originally posted on 26 June 2013

STT readers – please take time and enjoy the Valedictory Speech delivered yesterday by STT’s Champion of Champions – Alby Schultz.

Alby served his great State of NSW and the Country with grace and honour for over 25 years – and – true to form – gives the wind industry one last burst on the way out of the Big House on the Hill.

PHC-Home-941-441 Alby Schultz farewells the Big House on the Hill.


But read on and learn a whole lot more about a truly remarkable man – in what is a truly remarkable Country – made…

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