The Wind Power Fraud the same the World over: South Africans Rumble the Rort

The Wind Scam is recognized world-wide! Stop the Scam!


South african WF NgongHills Wholly unreliable Stone Age power source, meets
‘flighty’, but trusty South African beasts of burden.


STT expects that our followers’ Spidey-Senses have probably picked up that we’ve been going harder than ever in our efforts to belt the patent nonsense of attempting to rely upon a wholly weather dependent power generation source – smashing the infantile ‘logic’ employed by wind power’s proponents to sell their third-rate-wares, has been the main thrust of every single post that we’ve lobbed into the enemy’s trenches this week.

Operating under the ‘if it’s doing them damage, then keep doing it’ approach to destroying the wind industry (and the parasites that depend upon it), here’s another little piece – this time from South Africa.

The engineer that penned it, Terry Mackenzie-hoy, draws on work by another energy market expert, Professor Philip Lloyd – that spells out in clear and simple terms the facts that…

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