Plunder Generation

Stealing from Future Generations…


The Plunder Generation

Writing for Jay Hayward recently complimented radio-host superstar  “Mark Levin’s” latest book “Plunder and Deceit” capturing the gist in concise terms,…

“liberalism is strip-mining the future to make themselves rich and powerful today, while making dissent increasingly difficult for a populace robbed of its freedoms”.  

Andrew C. McCarthy describes Levin’s concept of “intergenerational theft”:

The Ponzi scheme has never been sustainable: The beguiling original promises of minor, nearly unnoticeable “contributions” mandated to secure “insurance” for the sake of the common good have steadily metastasized into massive inter-generational theft. But while the trendy abstractions that guide environmental stewardship may careen from “global cooling” to “global warming” to (I know, let’s call it) “climate change,” the basic principles of arithmetic endure — meaning socialists do eventually run out of other people’s money, even if those people haven’t been born yet.

As Levin stresses, this is a betrayal of…

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