Simon Chapman Gives Formal, Public, Apology, to Dr. Sarah Laurie, in Australia!

Dr. Sarah Laurie gets “much deserved apology”, from Simon Chapman!


A Much-Deserved Apology, to Dr. Sarah Laurie…Shame for Simon Chapman

Most of us, fighting the windscam, have read at some point, the nonsense spewed by wind industry shill, Simon Chapman.  He has gone to extreme lengths, to try to discredit people, who are fighting for their health and well being, and to be free from the harmful emissions from industrial wind turbines.  One of the nastier methods Chapman used, was to discredit one of our finest champions, Dr, Sarah Laurie.  This man had the audacity to attack Dr. Laurie, personally, even suggesting, that she has lost the right to call herself a doctor.  As you can see, from this formal, public apology, the man has been forced to “eat his nasty words”!

I want to congratulate Dr. Sarah Laurie, for having the strength of character, to continue to help the victims of the wind scam, in spite of the wailing…

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