If You Truly Want to Support Wind Energy, READ THIS!

A Challenge to the Pro-Wind Turbine Crowd….


ATTENTION!  Important News for Promoters & Supporters of Wind Energy!

Let’s Be Honest…Wind Turbines are NOT for Everybody!~

By now, we all know, that there are people, who for whatever reason, will not be happy, or healthy, living near industrial wind turbines.

But!  That doesn’t have to mean the end of your green dreams.  There is a reasonable, logical, solution to this problem.

What I’m suggesting, for “ecologically minded” people, like yourself, is a registry, to sign up to buy, or trade, property, and homes, from the people in communities, with wind turbines.  You would be providing relief, to people whose lives are being made unbearable, through no fault of their own, and ensuring the wind industry, can continue on, without interference, from unhappy customers.

No one is asking you to do anything, that “Wind” promoters, have said it was reasonable to do, in exchange for “greener energy”.  Proponents of Wind…

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