Wind Power Dreamers Put Australians on Highway to Energy ‘Hell’

The Wind Scam was designed to steal money from ratepayers pockets, not provide energy, green or otherwise…


Bill Electricity Bill Shorten: wants to put Australians on the Highway to Hell.


When Electricity Bill Shorten came out to announce Labor’s 50% renewable energy target, a month back back, Tony Abbott quite rightly jumped on it as an economy destroying policy, that would drive power prices through the roof; energy intensive businesses offshore; and households into a dim, dark electricity free future. And fair enough:

Adam Creighton: Labor’s Ludicrous Wind Power Policy to Squander more than $100 Billion

But that’s to compare insanity with complete madness. The Coalition’s 33,000 GWh Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target comes with a $45 billion cost to power consumers in the form of the REC Subsidy, funneled to wind power outfits and added to all Australian power consumers’ retail power bills – and that ignores the phenomenal cost of holding dispatchable generation (equal to 100% of whatever wind power capacity exists) from fossil-fuel generation sources…

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