Another essay on the incestuous Enviro/EPA relationship–by Marita Noon

The Truth About the EPA, and the Climate Scammers!

In the past week we have talked about the corruption and coordination of the enviros with the EPA.

Last week I asserted that John Beale was working for the enviros as top EPA air official, writing clean air rules and coordinating or strategizing the collusive lawsuit game.

Here’s Marita, bless her heart and applaud her energy and insight, discussing another scandal–Tom Steyer and enviro group, foundation coordination and influence with the EPA.

No surprise, but it is maddening–these people are involved in a criminal enterprise that they justify because they care about the environment. Scientific Fraud and unconstitutional overreach, theft of value and property from the taxpayers as well as tyranny and excess taxation cannot be ignored or excused.

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