Robert Rand, INCE, on the “Wind Turbine Health Impact Report”

More Proof of the harm from Wind Turbine Emissions…

Against the Wind

Falmouth, MA – Last Wednesday eight Falmouth wind turbine neighbors traveled to Waltham to hear three Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] / Department of Public Health [DPH] expert health panel members present their Wind Turbine Health Impact Study report.  That document, released only two weeks ago, caused great controversy not only in Falmouth but also across the Commonwealth. … [panel member] Wendy Heiger-Bernays PhD of Boston University School of Public Health explained that “it is possible that living too close to wind turbines can cause annoyance and sleep disruption, but we don’t have measurements that can show levels that disrupt sleep.” She agreed that sleep disruption can bring on a whole host of adverse health impacts.”
Dr. Heiger-Bernays is to be commended for her statements.  It is a step in the right direction and acknowledges what the neighbors in Falmouth know.  Sleep is being disturbed.  Yet there is much more…

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