Let the Sun Shine In: Australia’s BIGGEST Power Retailer Determined to Kill Wind Power

Wind turbines are a waste of time and money…..USELESS!


desert-sun Unlike the wind, something you can set your watch by.


STT has been pointing out for sometime now, the fact that Australia’s big 3 power retailers have been refusing to ‘play ball’ with beleaguered wind power cowboys, like near-bankrupt, Infigen and the union super fund backed disaster, Pacific Hydro.

Commercial retailers have not entered any power purchase agreements with wind power outfits, since about November 2012; and have made it very clear that they have no intention of doing so, any time soon.

Their renewables-recalcitrance is not, however, some kind of amorphous syndrome: it’s specifically a case of ‘wind’. Capturing a few of the Sun’s rays is still, apparently, on the retailer’s radar, as this article from The Australian points out.

Energy boss Grant King tips solar explosion
The Australian
Shane Rodgers
10 September 2015

Origin Energy boss Grant King says the only way the emission targets could…

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