‘Fighters’ Win: Another UK Wind Farm Scrapped in Response to Dogged Opposition

Fighting the Windweasels is Not Easy, But it Certainly Needs to be Done!


CLAY LISTON There’s only a ‘contest’ if you enter the ring.


As the spruikers selling tickets in a lottery tell us: “you’ve got to be in it, to win it”.

And so it is with killing off the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

‘Fighters’ have a remarkable tendency to win. Those that don’t, tend to get steam-rolled, at about the same rate.

Thankfully, communities all over the world are picking the former – front-foot-approach, with success after brilliant success being won. Here’s another one from Britain.

Firm shelves plans for controversial windfarm
Telegraph & Argus
Rob Lowson
7 September 2015

A DEVELOPER has “shelved” its plans to build a controversial wind farm on moorland overlooking Bronte country in the Bradford district.

The Banks Group first revealed plans to construct up to six turbines, some measuring up to 125m, on Thornton Moor, near Denholme, in 2010.

The project has…

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