Story of a Victim of the Corrupt Wind Industry, and it’s Complicit Gov’t Supporters…

Too Close – A Falmout Wind Turbine Victim’s Story

Bourne, Massachusetts citizens TOO CLOSE to the Plymouth gigantic wind turbines had best cue in on the present happenings. Once the machines are constructed it is an expensive multiyear battle to bring them down.

“Compliance” with the MASS DEP sound ordinance is A HUGE JOKE which is on YOU the neighbor of these STRESS GENERATING machines.

The ordinance in place utilizing the A weighted db scale is there solely to further wind renewables in this State.

NO ONE is looking out for the innocent abutter neighbors.

If you live within a full mile of these proposed Plymouth turbines chances are very good that your peace and tranquility and enjoyment of your home and property will plummet.

I would not have to say a thing. I could simply let fate bring the detrimental consequences of these too close mega turbines to your homes.

Forgive me, but I am only attempting to warn you of what happened to “we neighbors” now the “victims” of Falmouth’s wind project.

We have been fighting our Town at great expense for going on six years to regain the properties and homes that we rightfully own but can no longer enjoy because of Falmouth’s municipal wind turbines.

BE UP FRONT. Do not allow this project to take root. Those TOO CLOSE families will certainly suffer the consequences. Under a mile? Think NOW. Not after the machines are in place.

I KNOW from my first hand experience of living 1500-1600 feet from two 1.65MWatt wind turbines. I believe some of your residents will be closer to even bigger generators. Their lives will be compromised. The bigger the turbine the more noise it makes. Do not let them fool you. Your quality of life and that of your family is what you should focus on. Quality of life matters–for ALL of us.

Barry Funfar

Falmouth Massachusetts


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