Ready for this? “Climate scientists never claimed that CO2 is the only thing that is controlling the changes in global temperature.”

Climate Scam Unravels….

Quixotes Last Stand

We called this.  We called this a long long time ago.  As soon as the warming paused and kept pausing and they had to change the name of their religion from Global Warming to Climate Change, we KNEW they would eventually backpeddle on CO2 and here it is.

While he continues to push the global warming theory, Dr. Kevin Cowtan acknowledges many things that so called “deniers” have been pointing out right from the beginning.

First in this video, this gentleman acknowledges the pause, (which they’ve denied for so many years), then he goes on to explain there are other factors which control our climate (again, exactly what all of us skeptics have been saying the entire time), he also admits that the computer models failed to take into account other factors and then, he makes the astounding statement that climate scientists never claimed that CO2 is the only thing that is…

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