Lord Monkton Told by Climate Change ambassador in 2014 that Stephen Harper Would be Removed from Office by the U.N.

It is sad to see all of this taking place, even though we’ve known it was coming. Agenda 21

Quixotes Last Stand

In an Australian interview in the fall of 2014, Lord Monkton stated that Sir David King, the Climate Change ambassador to the United Kingdom, was asked by the Environmental Committee of the House of Commons (Britain) if all the nations of the world were ready to sign the Global Warming Treaty in Paris (Fall of 2015).  To which he replied that there were two standouts — one being Stephen Harper in Canada — but not to worry because Canada was having an election in 2015 and that the U.N. will make sure that the Harper government is removed.

Listen to radio broadcast here.  The replay of Monkton’s interview is very close to the beginning, followed by an interview with Dr Jennifer Marohasy about temperature data manipulation.

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