Britain’s Economic Nightmare Unfolds: Wind Power Costs Killing Thousands of REAL Jobs

Renewable Energy Costs…..A Job Killer….


Bill Bill Shorten: the workers’ worst nightmare.


A few posts back we focused on the naked malice of Labor’s Bill Shorten – as he derided Joanne Kermond on national television. Joanne is among the many victims of Pacific Hydro’s non-compliant Cape Bridgewater disaster – an outfit owned by Bill’s Labor/Union buddies, which has been defrauding the Commonwealth for nearly 7 years:

Labor’s Bill Shorten Publicly Ridicules Joanne Kermond – a Victim of Pacific Hydro’s Non-Compliant Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm

Pacific Hydro & Acciona’s Acoustic ‘Consultant’ Fakes ‘Compliance’ Reports for Non-Compliant Wind Farms

But, apart from meting out malice and contempt for law-abiding Citizens being denied their common law and human rights, Bill Shorten is also hell-bent on destroying every energy intensive business left in this Country: think mining, mineral processing and manufacturing for a start.

Make no mistake, with its 50% Renewable Energy Target, Labor is determined to kill mining…

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