Shock horror, BBC interviews a sceptic

Interesting development….


As many will know who take an interest in these things, a recent GWPF newsletter reported that France Télévisions has sacked their weather man, Philipe Verdier, for having the temerity to write a book Climate Investigations challenging the orthodoxy on climate change impacts.


Here we have a man who believes in climate change but suggests that some of the impacts will be positive and some of the worse ones will not be a problem to developed nations like France.

Given the blatant bias in BBC broadcasting on climate change I was rather surprised to find the following interview available on the world service:

Suspended weatherman speaks

What is less surprising is the tone of the interviewer and the blatant spinning of climate hysteria. Apparently Australia is in a deep drought due to climate change, whilst other countries are flooded and there are increasing numbers of climate refugees! Seriously.

Interesting, despite…

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