Angry Neighbours Shoot-Up Wind Turbines; as Hosts Hit With $Millions in Developers’ Debts

Wind Scam Hurts Everyone!!!


shot turbine2 Turbine plugged by angry neighbour in Montana


On the back foot around the globe, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers keep trying to convince the chattering classes that country people just can’t wait to snuggle up next to a cuddly bunch of Vestas V112s (see our post here).

The pitch is that life for rural communities just isn’t complete without a fleet of blade-chucking, pyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices. And that country folks’ currently miserable, downtrodden lives can only improve with the addition of a few hundred whirling, bat-chomping, bird slicing wonders.

The problem is, as with most wind industry bunkum, the facts soon separate from the myth. Notwithstanding their spin-masters’ wild claims about everybody simply “loving wind turbines to bits”, the truth is that there are plenty of wind farm victims who are keen to see them end up in bits; lots of little bits.

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