‘Deer Wind Developer, We Hate You, With a Burning Passion. Yours, the Deerhunter’ ..

No Sympathy for The Callous, Greedy Wind Pushers….


VDdeer Wild game camera captures community defender out to
en’deer’ himself with local wind developer, David Blittersdorf.


Linguistic pedants might wish to take issue with the apparent misspelling, appearing in the title above. However, the choice of “deer” rather than “dear” was a deliberate little wordplay on the subject matter of today’s post.

STT has reported on a variety of steps taken by community defenders around the globe:

Angry Wind Farm Victims Pull the Trigger: Turbines Shot-Up in Montana and Victoria

Communities Fight Back & Set the Wind Industry on Fire

Community Defenders Down MET Mast in Donegal, Ireland

Whether it’s spanners, bolt cutters, matches, or high powered rifles, these fits of perfectly understandable anger are all directed at an industry equipped with the moral fibre of Judas Iscariot; and the same ‘respect’ for property rights held by infamous Mongol marauder, Genghis Khan.

And it seems that the range of…

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