What Kills the Australian Wind Industry: A $45 Billion Federal Power Tax

Brilliant! Lovely to hear of Wind Industry Woes. They do it to themselves!


josh frydenberg Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg measures up the chances
of Australian voters tolerating a $3 billion a year power tax.


The wind industry in Australia is doomed.

Australia’s commercial lending institutions know it (calling in their loans and refusing to lend for any new wind farms).

The wind industry knows it – hence the big players’ frantic efforts to ditch their wind farms, cut and run – although these fire sales are as much a product of their bankers’ refusal to extend credit (see our post here).

The big power retailers know it (see our post here).

From the panic exhibited in Canberra earlier this year, every Federal MP knows it too (see our post here).

And the wind industry’s parasites and spruikers know it – but just can’t seem to bring themselves to swallow an inevitable and bitter pill (see this lament from former Infigen spinner…

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