Debate between John Cook and Marc Morano in Paris

Fighting Climate Hysteria…

Watts Up With That?

Marc Morano writes:
A debate just finished within the hour here today.  Cook interviewed me on camera and I audio recorded for my protection.  He is going to post full video. But in meantime, anyone can post full audio.  The entire global warming debate was discussed. 97% claims, etc.  Richard Tol, Anthony Watts,  Steve Goddard, Fred Singer, Michaels, Curry, Monckton and others were cited.
Full audio follows, video may be available from John Cook at some point in the future but this assures us an unedited record of the event: (54 minutes)
NOTE: some people report no audio, if you are using Firefox, that’s likely the reason. I’ve dumped it months ago as it has become buggy, unstable, and mostly unusable in current forms.
Try Chrome – works flawlessly, and is faster. -Anthony

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